Wednesday, October 31, 2012

things I did not want to learn today...

1. Cleona's most recent record for how many times in one day she can pee on her outfit during a diaper change, necessitating a new diaper and new clothes (answer: three in 16 hours.)

2. What to do when you go to put clothes in the drier and realize that a diaper made its way into your washing machine. (They are re-washing now. I'll weigh in on the method used when I'm done). Oh and did I mention I found this out at 1250 am, after staying up to finish her Halloween costume? And that the only pair of jeans that fits me is in that load?! Love it that I have umpteen in the next size down and ONE of these.

to end on a positive note, for the last three nights (or is it four?) Cleona has slept for nine hours straight. I don't know what we are doing to cause this, or if its just happenstance, but still. She was sleeping seven before, and removing the rest of the incline in her bassinet brought it to nine. It's super fab and I feel really fortunate and hope she keeps this up! And I really appreciate the "mommy gift." :)
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