Friday, July 20, 2012

faaaaaaaaaabric. and caaaaabbbbbage.

um, hi.

so, I have a problem. two, really.

one? it's de swelling o' de feet. and it's NUTS. I have been experiencing it for a while now, but it has ratcheted into high gear. Like, most flip flops don't fit, and it's actually painful...and sometimes my toes or parts of my feet go numb.

so I've been doing all the things they tell you to do (increased fluid intake, lower salt, movement, elevating them, blah blah blah.) no dice.

yesterday, I tried another. I'd been a nice combination of skeptical and forgetful regarding it. here's what my feet looked like.

that, my friends, is cabbage. and elastic wrap stuff. did it help? eh, sort of, I think. did it feel good? well, it was cooling, so that was nice.

I put the rest of the cabbage in the fridge and will be trying it again with cool leaves. wish me luck!

next up, FABRIC. holy smokes, people. I am in lurrrrve with it. I mean, this is nothing new, really. I've been slowly collecting pretty fabric over the years. But now I have this STRONG DESIRE to peruse fabric. Purchase fabric. Craft with fabric.

A few eons ago I started making a quilt with my lovely friend Katie.  With her help, the fabric was wonderfully cut, just how it should be. And that's as far as I've ever gotten. No, really...six weeks later I met Matt, and I kind of forgot about the fabric. While cleaning out our guest room closet to make an organized space for baby stuff and my craft stuff, I found the bag of it. Sadly, it's still going to sit because I desperately want to make a quilt for little Cleona. I have decided to do a mix of the oranges, purples, pinks and grays that we've been using for her room. And THEN I can think about when/if I'm going to do the other quilt.

I have also been wanting to make little girl clothes. And pillows. And so.much.stuff. So far (since we're still playing the purge from our house game--which is going SO AMAZINGLY well and I am blown away by the amount of stuff we've gotten rid of--you should be too, trust me) all I've done is sort and organize my fabric and make these guys.

I found a tutorial on pinterest, used fabric I already had, and bought some pretty stretch elastic for the headband part--I think it'll arrive today. I am totally making more!! They are SO easy, especially since I have mad flower-making skills from our paper flowers from our wedding.

Speaking of which....I FINALLY ordered our wedding album. It only took me two years and three months, but dammit, it is DONE and in the mail. I think it might arrive today actually. Perhaps my next post will include closet and wedding album pics! :)


Maria said...

Two words. Compression Socks.

Cassie said...

Try an Epsom Salt bath. Obviously consult with your doctor first but I put in 2 cups of Epsom Salt (you can find it at any drug store and Target sells the containers super cheap) into a warm (not hot) bath and soak for approximately 10 minutes. It releases toxins and helps with swelling. I do it to help when I have had an allergic reaction and am starting to swell really bad and it helps minimize the effects.

My only concern for you is that the Epsom Salts raise my body temperature (hence why I say don't do a hot bath because you sweat like crazy during the soak) and I don't know if it's safe for you and the baby :)

Also, eating potassium helps with swelling as well - again when I have a reaction I try to eat an extra banana and add in some extra spinach that day to help.

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