Wednesday, July 18, 2012

our little small fry---the video.

last year, my friend Kat did something super-awesome before her little girl arrived...she had people send in pictures and her awesome husband Karl made a video from them. When I watched it, it made me cry! They had intentions of watching it during labor, but things went so quickly that they didn't.

Anyhoo, I am totally copying the heck out of her. (with her permission!)

This is the part where y'all come in: there will not be a video without your help!

Step one: Be awesome! (done.)

Step two: Find pictures, quotes, whatever to send in. This could be a picture of you with your baby. Or your friend's baby. It could be of your kiddos who are well past the baby-stage, too.

Perhaps you're short on pictures of you with kiddos--and that's fine too! Send in pictures with a momma. Or a pregnant friend. Or you while pregnant! Send in pictures you think I'll like. That will make me smile. Ones that make YOU smile, even! Or words of advice. Or make a jpg of a quote--about life, about love, about babies, about whatever!

Something funny. Something supportive. Something awesome. Your choice. :)

Really, there are no limitations here other than whatever you do, it needs to be a jpg. :)

Step three: email that sucker to our.small.fry [at] (without the spaces, clearly). Do so by, well ASAP, but at the latest...let's see...I'm gonna say August 5th. Please do NOT send it to my email--it's supposed to be a surprise :D

Step four: revel in your fantasticness!

And thank you, a hundred times over, for helping us with our special day!


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