Monday, February 12, 2007


I'm in a list mood, okay? well, come to think of it, I'm normally in a list mood. but today I'm in a funny list mood, as I'm feeling inclined to make a letter-list. just deal with it--it will all be over soon, I swear.

so, you already heard about friday's zany-crazy-fun. but my weekend just got mellower and better. (well, except for the lingering headache, but that's just details, people...)


a) slept in on saturday--well, that sleeping in was facilitated by my 345am bedtime. oopsie. woke up to otto moving out! he's a good human being and all, but having him out of my space=glorious.

b) had a dinner-date with katie on saturday night. hi-larious that ben told her, "you know, you can hang out with carrie when I'm home too!" he's right, but our evenings in are splendid--steak salsa verde from dream dinners, red wine, the movie down with love (why does renee z. stand so funny, huh?) with the simply dee-vine costumes...and we finished cutting out my quilt--see how pretty the fabric is? I'm sooooooo excited! also, apparently I heart ewan mcgregor--big fish, down with love and moulin rouge are three of my favorite movies. no one else makes it into more than two.

c) bought a cute tv stand, and also got an amp/dvd player combo and a tv. me likey. my pocketbook not likey, but it will get over it (for the record, I was sans tv stand, tv (other than my 13 incher in my room) and had otto's amp but no speakers--and if I got speakers would be revisiting this issue again in 6 months or so--yeah, practical but over-spending=me in a nutshell)

d) a very nice friend of mine sent me some very nice tulips. turner=awesomeness. thanks for being a good friend to me!

e) jessica got her dresses in. persimmon-covered-carrie, here we come! I'm excited to see them in Dallas!

f) I took some pictures of the loverly $3.88 walmart daisies that I got to reward myself. very happy. I brought some to my office too!

g) my new apartmentie, Michelle, moved in yesterday. she is very nice, and I think we will get along swimmingly!

so, I feel like stopping at g/7, 'cause I like it. and 'cause it's note-worthy (did you catch that, music-o-philes? it's really dumb and a stretch, but it made me groan a little). also, I'd like to say that I appreciate it mucho that katie helped me pick the color order for my new crochet project, and that she understands my particular style of neuroticism-which is at a lower level than hers, mind you, but sometimes can almost rival it. (that wasn't an insult to her, she understands...) I will miss our little dates, yes I will.

oh, and, on more exciting piece o' news--Audrey and Ryanthe gender of their baby. so so so incredible!!! and the details of the ultrasound are simply amazing!

I'm quite certain this isn't the last time I'll say it, but I'm so glad for them and their little one--if you're interested, see for yourself! the pictures made me get a little watery-eyed, even.

I can't believe it's only Monday. Today feels like it should be a Wednesday...oh well. At least I get to have fondue tomorrow (how have I never had fondue, huh? how, I ask, how?!?)


Audrey T said...

I love the daisy picture! Thanks for being so excited about Samuel too.

And if Sam was really taking after Ryan, I think he'd look more like a VAMPIRE than an alien. (In keeping with Ryan's favorite kind of books!)

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