Monday, April 16, 2012

small fry's diet

so, we're 21 weeks now, going strong on 22. the halfway point, y'see. I definitely look more pregnant and less like I have a beer belly :)


and for posterity, here's 19 (blue stripe) and 20 (brown stripe)

this week we registered. and small fry visited two durham breweries (no worries, I drank boylan soda one place and tea from a mason jar at the other!). and met uncle sterling. who henceforth shall be known as drunkle sterling! I also bought small fry some baby books--a bunch of them for 10 cents a piece at our nearby thrift store and also one about pant0ne colors. I feel like it is VERY important for kiddos to see that there are many colors that can be classified as green or yellow or purple. And, let's be honest, it looks pretty. perhaps I will take photos.

also, people have been telling me that I am small, small, SMALL for 21 weeks. I have literally gained two or three pounds. (our bathroom scale is analog. mostly to prevent any level of obsession about, say, 0.4 lbs or something) I asked my doctor about it and she said not to worry--for one I would definitely gain it, but for two I was doing just fine.

during this same appointment I asked a question I NEVER thought I would say. first, a photo:

I asked my nice doctor--"Is it possible to get too many servings of fruits and vegetables in a day?! [pause] because I think I'm getting like 8 or 9."

She laughed. And then said no. But seriously y' I had some orange juice when I got up, then a green smoothie with breakfast. I had pineapple, cantaloupe and strawberries. And carrots and bell peppers. And a spinach salad (with eggs, artichokes, almonds, red onion et al) for lunch. And I'm about to have that chocolate milk with an apple for a snack. LOTS of fruits and veggies. LOTS. I had banana in my green smoothie and will probably have one later today. We'll see if I have the v8.

I definitely get enough protein. When I was feeling crappy I was having a protein shake in the morning (a doctor-approved one) just to make sure I was getting it. Now I don't have to try so hard--but I've learned that even things like goldfish and raisin bran have enough of it to really "count." We're having meat most days, too. Chicken tacos (leftovers) yesterday, corned beef the day before (and some bacon), tonight we're having fish, etc. Anyway, Matt told me how impressed he is with my eating during pregnancy. (though let's qualify that with a so far.) I've been enjoying some nutella and mamba chews and fruit snacks, too. And other not-so-wholesome choices too. But overall, I just really want fruits and veggies. :)


Maria said...

Here's my "guilty" pregnant confession: I CRAVED fruit so badly I once sat down and ate an entire watermelon. Not a big one, but still...much bigger than once serving. LOL!

Maria said...

Um, that should read "one serving" not "once serving." Oops.

katandkarl said...

sounds like small fry is getting an amazing buffet! Yum! People told me I looked 'small' with both pregnancies - particularly Nate where someone didn't realize I was pregs at 27 WEEKS! (Come on - I think they just weren't paying attention.) It bothered me - why can't people just say YOU LOOK GREAT!

(By the way - you look great!)

A said...

All the best!!!

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