Wednesday, March 28, 2012

popcorn popping + bubbles + leaves rustling

what do they all have in common? they describe what it feels like when the small fry moves!

I would give you my Girl Scout's honor that at almost 15 weeks I felt the baby move. It felt like leaves rustling and felt like it was happening very, very low in my body. My good friend g00gle told me this was unlikely.

But now that I KNOW what I'm feeling is the baby moving about, I'm quite certain that's what I felt before. I've felt the small fry move at least once a day for the past few days. And it is FUN. I am sure that later I will not think this is fun. I imagine my ribs and innards will all be kind of annoyed by the whole situation. But for now, I shall enjoy it!

I am also really super glad that our news is OUT. Tomorrow I officially announce it at work, though my boss and some coworkers know. But other than that, our proverbial cat is out of the bag!

We've also started taking the weekly-ish photos. We waited until 17 weeks to do this! Not totally by choice, but still. The solid green is the 17 weeks (it was St Patty's Day and my awesome in-laws got me that necklace to wear, and one for Matt too!). The one on the right is 18 weeks. You might think I look a little smaller at 18 weeks--and this is probably true because of the time of day. It is CRAZY how much smaller my little belly bump looks in the AM than it does at night. And we took the 17 week one right before it was time for pajamas! Plus, the ruched maternity shirts make you look bigger, I think!

Soon I'll tell about Disney. And probably recap Tennessee even though that's old news. I should probably make a list. :)


Andrea said...

congrats to you!! It'll be fun to read about this journey for you and your husband. :)

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