Monday, April 30, 2012

if you [buy] it, they will come.

~field of dreams.

On the 5th of April I was notified that the camera I'd been dreaming of was on its way to my front door. It's the C@non 5D Mark III. Since the Mark II was released, I've wanted a full frame camera. Since the 7D was released (and since I bought it and fell in love) I've been wanting the Mark II and 7D to get together and have a baby. :) I've been waiting for years, really.

So when the notice came out that this camera was being released and available for pre-order, it took all of my wherewithal not to place my order right then. Y'see, as an quick g00gle search will tell you, this camera was not cheap. Or even reasonably priced. It cost more than the first car I bought for myself--my 1990 honda accord. It's $3,499. A pretty, pretty penny.

I decided to be a responsible wife and consult my dear husband. (We discuss most financial matters, but money for my photography business isn't often discussed because, as Matt puts it, it's my business, it's my money, and it's paying for itself and then some, so it's really all up to me.) But since this was hands down the biggest single photography purchase I'd ever made, I figured it was time.

His response: Um, honey, haven't you been waiting for this to come out for YEARS? [me: sheepish nod.]

followed by: So, will photography this year pay for the camera? [me: you know what? it totally will!]

I was a little worried because, as of that time, I only had two more weddings on the books for this year--a fabulous one in Oklahoma in March and another in April. I was sort of relieved about how it all worked out--because, well, I'm pretty certain Small Fry will soon be expressing his/her opinions regarding the toll that photography takes on my body, and because I didn't want to still have photos to edit after his/her arrival. The remaining payments from that wedding + the scheduled sessions did not equal the rest of the amount I owed. BUT I was confident that I'd make it--I'd need 18 half sessions. Or 12 full sessions or newborns. Or 31 minis. Or some combination that would make that come up to at least $3499. Even if business was suuuper slow, I knew that come December it would happen. Plus I knew I had headshots on the horizon, which was going to help.

and then...

I got an inquiry for maternity photos
And they increased the number of headshots they wanted
And I booked some grad photos at a discounted rate
And I booked a newborn session 
Someone wants some out-of-town family photos
And I booked a 3 hour wedding (at a reduced rate, long story)
I have two minis this coming weekend
And a newborn session
And bridals
Someone booked another package of sessions
And I should have another newborn in June

and I have more inquiries coming in... which well exceeds the cost of my new camera! And doesn't include either of the final payments for my weddings. I promise I am not bragging--more than anything I am just overwhelmed by the way it's all worked out. And so very, very thankful.  When I decided to pull the trigger, in early March, the only "for sure" things on this list were the headshots and maternity photos. I though the out-of-town photos were going to happen, but the dates/times/places/etc were all pretty nebulous so I knew better than to count on it.

I remember very distinctly when I bought my first DSLR. Thinking to myself that I'd have that camera for, like, ever. And how it was such an investment...and here I sit, four years later...just WOW.

Oh, life, thank you for being the coolest of the cool. And universe, thank you kindly for reaffirming my decision to invest further in my business. Kisses to both of you. :)


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