Tuesday, October 11, 2011

i heart fall.

the time of the fair. and sweaters. and hot drinks and cool nights. of wearing socks and changing leaves and lots of orange and yellow and purple. gloves and coats, open windows, heavier blankets, apples!, pumpkins, butternut squash (now a fave. last year I had NO idea how delicious it was. mmm mmm mmm.)

it's my favorite.

and this year, while my family stuff is dragging me down, that's what I'm trying to remind myself of--that it's FALL. It's my favorite time of year. I should grab my not-pregnant self a delicious fall beer (Shipy@rd Pumpk!nhead is AMAZINGLY amazing), throw on my favorite pair of T0Ms and enjoy it.

so it's what I'm doing.

on the agenda...

-go the the FAIR! this Saturday!

-do some awesome fall photo sessions (I've given away three sessions recently--I must be crazy--but I'm SO excited)

-take some pictures of leaves. I LOVE that I can see some beautiful ones outside from my cube at work. I think I'm going to have to talk Matt into driving down the Blue Ridge Parkway (and maybe hiking) one day later this month or in November.

-celebrate my birthday. only twelve more days! :)

-enjoy more fall beer.

then? repeat. :)


Renee B. said...

Mike is feverishly trying to track down Dogfishhead Pumpkin beer but we can't find it anywhere nearby. He's having a hard time dealing with it. :-)

Blue Ridge! I think the thing I miss most about being in the southeast are the north Georgia and Blue Ridge mountains. OK is looking awfully flat right about now.

BTW, there are some amazing wineries in very north GA. If you want a drive-around trip, I can make some recommendations!

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