Thursday, October 20, 2011

oh, oh, oh, for the longest time

~billy joel

yesterday I had 3400 unread emails in my inbox. THIRTY-FOUR-HUNDRED. seriously.

it's my gmail I use for all sorts of things--I still get some photography emails there, personal stuff, logins for amazon and jcrew and everything else. you name it, I probably get it there (or used to, anyway!)

so, yesterday I cleaned that puppy out. turns out the oldest unread message was from EARLY JULY. Are you kidding me? It had been more than a HUNDRED DAYS.


so. tomorrow I am taking the day off. despite trying to limit my PTO usage, I have declared tomorrow a "Carrie Day." I think I'm going to get my hair did, get allergy drop refills and try to get caught up on some aspects of my life that have been ignored. (laundry. cat litter. sewing projects. etc.) While this may not sound super-refreshing, I can guarantee that having a more put-together reality will TOTALLY help.

am I right?


today I am also leaving work early to go to F00d Truck K!ng. It should be fun. Pictures forthcoming, I am sure!


Lisa Bistreich-Wolfe said...

Sounds awesome! I love days off like that, enjoy yours!

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