Monday, July 11, 2011

let's see here...DC.

I have, let me see...ZERO pictures from our quick jaunt up to DC a few weeks ago--but let me tell you, it was worth it.

We went to meet the cutest little girl. Her name is Lily. You probably have heard tell of her parents--Mary Alise and Michael. I've known them for...whoa. Is it nearly seven years? Or going on six years? I'm not sure. But in any case, Mary Alise is one of my best friends, and Michael is like the older brother I never had. And I love them very very much. And I love their little girl too.

She was fussy and sleepy, but she was also so cuddly and warm and loving. And I look forward to taking her on a roller coaster in, like, twelve years. Mary Alise and Michael don't *do* roller coasters--so "Aunt" Carrie and "Uncle" Matt have agreed to take on that duty. :)

We left for DC at, oh, 11am-ish. I had been at a wedding in Burlington the night before and got home around midnight. So we packed up and headed their way! We got there around 5 (traffic. bruegger's. gas. bathroom stops. more traffic.) and hung out for a bit, held Lily for a good while, talked about poop and breastfeeding and the joy of getting enough sleep, and ate some yummy pizza.

And then? Crazy folks that we are--we hit the road to return to Durham. We brought stuff to stay the night, but decided to drive back instead. I guess we left at like 930? And got home at like 2. Matt wanted to get back so he could go to the teacher workday that Monday, and I figured I'd just go to work late on Monday instead of taking PTO. Plus, no $$ on a hotel! (they would've let us stay with them, too, but we didn't want to disrupt their system!)

I am already looking forward to seeing that little cutie pie again! And of course my dear friends. :) Yay for dear friends having babies! Quite a few have in the past year and a half! And of course I have two new nieces in the last year too! :)


Maria said...

Holla next time you are up this way. :)

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