Monday, July 11, 2011

I think I am nesting.

not in the way that you say it about pregnant women (not pregnant, y'see), but in the way where we've decided to continue to reside in our home for a while, so we're re-appropriating the space. and the previous most-eyesore-ish of a room is quickly becoming one of my favorites.

but I am showing the "the tendency to arrange one's immediate surroundings, such as a work station, to create a place where one feels secure, comfortable, or in control." (here)

I was too ashamed to take a "before" picture, and we're still working on it. but the room is going to be pretty kickin' when we're done.

But, here are some in progress pics: Namely, clockwise from top left, "Sweet Mustard" paint, a piece of art to color-coordinate in the room, said "free desk" pre-painting (and relocated from who knows where before) and the moved and reorganized shelf! The color-order part of it is (understandably) distressing to some people (oh, no! the harry potter books aren't all together! how will you find them?) but it makes me very happy! I have plans to re-work the books a little so that some of the pink from the top middle shelf spills over onto the shelf o' white books at the top left, and it was also suggested that instead of putting my little knick-knacks and chotchkies (Matt says that word in a hilarious way, ps) with their matching colors, perhaps I should put them with complimentary colors instead. we shall see.

Next up on the list: (in no particular order)
-fill magazine holders w/ magazines that are throughout the house
-go through the boxes of stuff that were under the desks
-put bins in the other shelf and fill them as needed (cat stuff, exercise stuff, games, who knows what else)
-return Nicole's silverware! neither of us realized I still had it!
-decide what to do about my kl!ppan loveseat! (re-cover? donate?)
-decide what to do about my tullst@ chair. (re-cover? try to re-cover myself?)
-get a slip cover for matt's beloved recliner
-maybe build/buy/create some kind of a cover for the litter boxes?
-decorate!!! (cover the fuse box with something easy-to-remove, potentially put up our beer decor we've been collecting)
-decide how to paint the vintage metal file drawer I bought a while ago. (on my birthday weekend!) not totally unlike this one. it is currently dark green, a little rusty in places and definitely needs to be cleaned off. I'm thinking it might end up in a metallic something or other. possibly pewter or silver? I dunno. I need to see how it looks on/near the desk :)

and also? attack the other rooms. I keep telling Matt how different our house is going to look in a few months! Let's hope I'm right!


Leanne...the walker said...

If my librarian husband would let me color organize our bookshelves, I would totally do this. It looks FANTASTIC!!! If you do recover your chair and loveseat, be sure to write about it! I'm considering doing that rather than buying a new and perfect upholstered rocker for the nursery and would love to hear about someone else's trials. :-)

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