Thursday, February 03, 2011

"I do not think that means what you think it means..."

~my favorite movie EVER

Today we had a meeting with a project lead. He kept saying "the paradigm we're in" and "the paradigm in choosing between this and that" and similar phrases. He meant predicament. But that is so not what he said.

Highfalutin words are useful. Sometimes they're very specific, sometimes they make you sound smarter. Or, like, erudite. :) I mean, anthropogenic, defenestrate, picayune, punctilious, epitome, perfunctory...all good, specific words. (and for you Latin nerds, remember mutuni@tus? riiight) Paradigm is too. When used correctly.

Me? I really enjoy using the whopper-words. But I enjoy using them correctly. And you can bet your sweet bippy that I'd never use a word in front of important people (e.g., people from work) if I wasn't absolutely certain of its meaning.

I know it's a *me* thing, at least to some extent. But seriously, folks, we can do better. Let's, shall we?

And, since it's been a while since I posted pictures: some Gobi cuteness (I see this almost every morning!) and some pictures from our trip to the DP@C to see Li0n King! And our trip to Tyler's after. I love the DP@C's end-of-bathroom-line sign. And the fried pickles and special beer at Tyler's were sooooooooo yummy!

And special thanks to my iph0ne4 for taking such awesome pictures. HUGE improvement over my old one!!


Zan said...

Ok Gobi is ADORABLE! And that sign is hilarious!

care said...

thanks Zan! I loooooove it when he's all cute and cuddled up and handing out waiting for me to decide to wake up for the day. Gobi is definitely a keeper :)

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