Tuesday, February 01, 2011

you're, a mean one, mister [february]...

oh, february.

I was fully prepared to not even acknowledge your arrival this month. I mean, things were going just fine! Last night I found a pair of jeans that I forgot to return in all the wedding crazy (they were in with the socks and blue ties that we couldn't find when we wanted to return them. I think some people are going to get some awesome green socks and blue ties in the future!)

when I bought them they were too small--so I was going to return them. But, I tried them on last night and since I've gotten a little smaller, they fit! Hoooooooray! See, end of January/beginning of February off to a wonderful start!

um, yeah.

and then today--this morning Matt overslept. And he must not've been feeling awesome, because he took a looooooooong shower. It's what he does when he's sad, sick, tired, hungover, you name it--he sits in the shower. Well...although I waited ten whole minutes to get in, my shower was lukewarm. And by the end of it I had goosebumps.

Oh and it meant that I didn't end up using the sinus rinse I prepared because I was afraid it wouldn't be warm enough. And then I forgot to pop it in the microwave and warm it up. Which isn't a huge deal, but it means that my sinuses are going to be unhappy later today.

Also, my friends and family in Oklahoma are experiencing a kind of snow that comes with words I've never heard of---like thundersnow. TWELVE inches of snow are predicted (PS--remember 12 inches of sn0w?) Man, I seriously loved that song. I'd make my dad play it over and over and over--especially before softball games. {shudder}

Let's see--what else...oh, I had to figure out a hodgepodge lunch (edammame, honey nut cheerios, carrots and granola) and I spilled milk three times this morning.

And February marks the beginning of our new budget. Also not fun. Necessary, but not fun. Oh and I get to spend tonight cleaning because we have a visitor coming on Thursday.

Yep. Wooooohoo February. Bah, humbug.


ncmunchkin said...

No worries...February 12th will make the whole month worth it! :)

Jessie said...

We ended up getting 14 inches. With four foot drifts.

A J Morgan said...

Love your Blog! Arizona has a lot to offer concerning picture taking too.

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