Monday, September 13, 2010

"just keep swimming. just keep swimming. just keep swimming, swimming, swimming."

~finding nemo

that quote is what keeps running through my head today. or, y'know, swimming. ;)

because I am having a bit of emotional overload/breakdown, and I have bitten off more than is chewable, and I need to just keep on keepin' on so I can get through this. It's kind of like a lot of things have come to a head in the past week. My work deadline moved to two weeks later, which is both a blessing and a curse, because instead of meaning we can work at a more reasonable pace, it means they will expect us to do more.

And I had a horrid encounter with the man who owns the restaurant I visited & held an event at on Thursday night (in short: he refused to honor the prices, then after we agreed on a price ten minutes later her refused to honor that either, and THEN told me I was being aggressive and insulting and all sorts of other negative things. it was peachy. I cried in the bathroom. and then more at home. yeesh.)

and my to-edit list is astonishing. which, again, is totally awesome and then also stress-inducing.

so, I shall just keep swimming. and I shall apologize to my readership for like 75% of my blog posts the past 6 months that complain about the work that I need to do, or how redonk my work is, or whatever. it's on my mind, it's fair game on my blog, I suppose. I also figure that if I ever need motivation to really, really put my foot down, these posts will help me have it. :D

however, on a happier note:

it is FALL outside. okay, so the highs are still in the low 80s because I live in north carolina, but there are changing trees--with RED leaves. and today I am wearing shoes with socks and a 1/2 sleeve shirt because I can.

speaking of which--I also got to go to a durham bulls game on friday night with my faboo sisters and matt--and I did not have to wear sunblock or feel like I might be leaving a puddle of sweat in my seat. I love the durham bulls. I LOVE living so close to their stadium. and, as y'all already know, I sure do love my kaydee sisters.

oh and one more (kind of two more) thing (s)...

I talked a little about it here, and about my goals, but I have made another change to my diet I'm excited to share. So, y'all have heard about my deep love for my CSA. It makes me happy. And it keeps me well-stocked in produce. And right now, there is lots of lots and lots of squash/zucchini in my fridge and house. Oodles.

So one day the week before last I decided to steam some for lunch. And to eat it with some brown rice. It's like a 300 calorie lunch packed with veggies and whole grains and 9 grams of protein. And with a pinch of cayenne pepper and some black pepper, quite yummy! and filling!

and do not fret, I know a 300 calorie lunch sounds very small--but I eat plenty, I swear. and if I were being really honest, I would tell you that eating this kind of lunch just offsets the two beers I'll be having tonight when we have the-knock-off, nc version of something approximating mexican food with karen and rich later tonight. :)

and, I am pleased that my larger pair of jeans is now simply too big to wear, and I must stick with smaller ones. previously the larger ones were great for the first day of wear and not so great for the second day. and the smaller ones were a little too snug the first day and comfy the second. but now they are comfy at all times, even when I'm in a hurry to dry them and they're fresh from the dryer. yay!


Zan said...

I have been wanting to watch that all week! Its probably going to be mine and Thomas's First-movie-in-the-new-townhouse-mini-date-night activity (or Avatar)! Chin up young person!!

Jessie said...

My one experience with a Bulls game was pretty fantastic.

Sydney Fedesna said...

I mix brown rice with corn, peas, carrots, onions and celery all cooked together. Add a bit of olive oil, 2 tsps red wine vinegar and 1/2 tsp oregano and it is pretty tasty - even cold. Why yes, I did get that one from Rachel Ray :)

Misha said...

So which size jeans do you want me to send you??? The 6's and the 4's!!! Seriously lady, let me know if you are ready for them and I'll ship them off. Email me your current address (not sure I have it??)

Misha said...

Oh yeah. Try this out: Mix 1/2 cup brown rice with some frozen veggies and 2 egg whites then fry it all up together in a pan. Viola...healthy fried rice. You can use low sodium soy sauce too and it is amazing. All for UNDER 300 calories! I can't wait to eat that again. :)

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