Wednesday, September 08, 2010

further proof that green bags work.

I opted not to take a picture. but yesterday, while cleaning out my fridge, and looking at the back of our middle shelf on the right, I noticed a green bag. a small one. I pulled it out and it contained CHERRIES.

now, friends, I do my darnedest to buy my food in season (and sometimes splurge) and when it's cherry season, I BUY CHERRIES. I freaking love them. I'd never had a fresh cherry until like 5 years ago, and I am hooked. But I refuse to buy them except for during that short period in the middle of the summer when they are like $2 a pound and then I go hog wild.

which I did.

this picture of cherries is old, but it still makes me want some now. and some gouda. and hawaiian bread. a favorite snack of mine. anyway.

and speaking of old cherries--that's precisely what was occupying this little green bag. I'm going to guesstimate that these cherries were, roughly, four-fice weeks old. (ps, cleaning out your fridge is for the birds, did I mention that?) and though they did look a little not-right, overall they were still relatively firm and they were not molding, rotten or anything else.

I did not taste them, but they looked pretty awesome for being four weeks old. especially since cherries usually go bad, like, almost instantaneously. so that made me pleased :)

so, in summary--these things really, really work. if you've been thinking about trying them, definitely do. they are worth the mulah.


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