Thursday, August 05, 2010

"and this, is my brain. its torturous analytical thoughts make me go insane. and I use mouthwash. sometimes I floss."

I've got a family and I drink cups of tea.

~kate nash.

recent developments:
I have been quite successful in my giving up of soda. I will drink it with liquor, and occasionally splurge on the deliciousness that is Dr Pepper or root beer. But I used to drink one every day. Then it became every other day. And now I think I haven't had more than one a week, often less, since before our honeymoon.

I am also down 7 pounds since early april and have set a goal of losing 5 more by my 30th birthday. and after that, I have zero desire to lose anymore. just for the record.

work is, once again, making me want to cry. and if I hear my project lead say one more time about how our goal should be to make the client happy, I might throw something! it's not that I disagree with her--it's that not charging for her extra time means they will think we can do this again. and we can't.

and, uh...other recent development: the following isn't actually happening. for, like, a long time. we're just TALKING ABOUT IT as though it is happening, oh, tomorrow. I have kind of become my sister's financial permission-giver. Like, I hold the checks. Ish. It's not all totally set up yet, but I will be the "check" before she can get $. I knew this was coming. I thought I would have to worry about this when we were, say, in our sixties. But nope. I don't really feel comfortable sharing all the gory details, but let's just say I had no idea it would happen so soon and I am SO not up for it right now. however, this part still applie....I have a lot of ranting I could do involving my sister and her expectations but suffice it to say: just the thought of thinking about it is leaving me exhausted. gracious.

this weekend is the last time until NOVEMBER that I have formalized plans to go out of town. we might go to the mountains for a weekend or something, but other than that, I don't have out-of-town weddings or friends to visit or anything like that. I need to take a trip to Texas at some point, if I can, to do pictures in Dallas (which makes me want to see if I could perhaps squeeze in a visit to both San Antonio and Houston, but going to all of those places in one visit isn't really possible).

I am really looking forward to being home so we can organize our un-organized spots, order our new couch and convert our guest room into more of a "Carrie-space." I am pretty pleased that we really only need to tackle our garage, guest room closet and bedroom. Which might sound like a lot to you, but since it means we've already been cleaning and purging and organizing in our kitchen, living room, dining area, guest room and bonus room, I think it's a definite positive. AND we can have guests over now without a mad dash, and I really like that too.



Zan said...

Sorry to hear that some parts of life are frustrating, but I'm glad you're making progress on your house! Should you get bored in October without having out of town trips planned, Thomas and I will have a guest room in the new apt!

m-m-m-melissa said...

for starters, i love kate nash. LOVE her. :)

secondly, i agree with the above comment regarding sorries and gladness. the good news is that you most always seems to balance the two out. i mean, at least you do on your blog. it's like, "well A is kind of shitty, but B i making up for it!" i dig it. keep up the good work. :) and happy news about being a homebody for a bit, huh?!

Misha said...

Good for you on losing some weight Carrie!!! Congrats!!! And yes, cutting the soda is one of the easiest ways to drop a few pounds. If you like diet drinks they are ok to drink, just make sure you still drink enough water too.

hang in there!

care said...

@zan when do you move in? I would love to come visit y'all!

@melissa yin and yang and all that jazz. :)

@misha I started to write a long reply and you made me want to post about it, so I'm a'gonna!

but in any case, thank you!

Renee B. said...

so now you can say, "mmm, mmm, mmm, i looooove alternatives to coke!" :-)

Sydney said...

Thomas' moms, my mom, Thomas and I all had a great time reminiscing about your wedding today :) We even went through all of your pictures too! Your post is a reminder that there are always good things even in times of bad, which I know, that I am often in need of a reminder, especially this year. I really, really hope that you and Matt get to make a tour of Texas soon and that you will be able to stop in SA to see us in our new abode. We certainly miss both of you, but obviously you are in our thoughts since we DID spend all of lunch talking about you guys :)

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