Monday, August 30, 2010

"I rescue burning babies from trees. with my puppy."

~geoffrey the giraffe

who was our server at Six Plates. Which Jennifer and I looooooooove. It's where we go on our "date nights" and it makes me happy. I took pictures of our delicious meal on Thursday but I am too lazy to upload them.

suffice it to say--their cheese plate NEVER disappoints, we love their lamby joes, and since they're returned to having unusual gelato/ice cream flavors again, we are in heaven! we had plum and and apricot something or other, I think. and I can't recall the third but they were amazing.

AND the dude at the table next to us, named Jay, secretly bought us our first round. I've only had that happen a handful of times in my life (Misha, remember when that dude on the Oklahoma Senate or whatever bought our drinks at Friday's when you took me out on my birthday after studied for the FE?)

so, yeah. pretty awesome. and a welcome surprise for our pocket books!

this weekend though--this weekend was a doozie. as someone at lisa & richard's party put it "man, you really ramp up on the weekend, huh?" and, um, yeah. it was a little insane.

friday was low key. matt and I rejoiced in going to bed before 1130. It was joyous!

Saturday Matt had a 1010 soccer game and I had a 10am newborn shoot. In Carrboro. And then a 1pm baptism in Wake Forest. It was CRAZY! Tulsa people, that's like a drive from Claremore to Mounds. With a photo shoot and a costume change inbetween!

And we followed it up with a fabulous engagement party. And then, when we got home around 545, I took a two hour nap. And it was amazing. :)

Sunday was better, but still pretty ridiculous. We went into the beginning of last week with only two things to do--the baptism and engagement party--but it quickly spiraled. Therefore, next weekend we are trying to be as chill as possible. Whew! I do have a day o' photography on Saturday, but other than that, we want to relaaaaax.

and I am also going to try to make my very own eggs benedict because I love it so much. wish me luck! especially because matt has agreed to "try" it, so if he hates it he'll probably never ever try it again!


m-m-m-melissa said...

you had me at lamby joes... omg... LAMBY JOES?! that sounds amazing. :) good luck, busy girl! and have fun!!!

Misha said...

I guess you still have your magic touch! HA HA!!! side bar. But, my contest is October 23rd. Very lucky day in my opinion....what do you think?

care said...

@ Melissa-the lamby joes are incredible. if you're ever this way we will definitely a) have lamby joes and b) have plenty of beer. :)

@ Misha--that's my favorite day of the whole YEAR! This means that this year I'll get to celebrate 5 things instead of the usual three (your contest, renee & leanne's walks for the cure, kappa delta's founding, national mole day AND my birthday.) It's a very special day indeed!

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