Wednesday, August 11, 2010

"together we can take a cake or two"

~maryanna sokol*

*who happens to know my friend renee, btw. and maryanna's music is pretty awesome, methinks.

did you know that I have started, like, four blog posts and saved them as drafts this week?

I started to tell you about the changes I made to my diet, but then decided it wasn't interesting enough. to sum up: green smoothies. with ground flax seed. eating an egg over hard with only 1/3 of the yolk and a light english muffin every morning (sometimes with tomatoes, often with avocado and always with reduced fat cheese--the cabot stuff is amazing AND real, actual non-plastic cheese.)

I started to tell you how this weekend Matt and I had a huge talk about baby names and how I fell in love with a boy's name that I didn't even know I liked. All because I looked up "old fashioned boy's names" on our way to Charleston. we were there to shoot a wedding, by the by.

if you're curious, the name is Nathaniel. more specifically, Nathaniel Jahue. Matt and I are gonna have to have a lot of kids in order to use all the names we've cooked up, ha!

last night matt and I finished the second of the national treasurers. oh, how I love those movies. I also like watching movies I've already seen while I edit--because it takes most of my attention to edit properly :)

um, yeah. that's it. kind of exciting, kind of ho-hum. kind of okay with me. :)


Sydney Fedesna said...

I went to middle school and high school with a Nathaniel. I think it is a great name as well. Of course, he went by Parker, but still :)

care said...

you know I went to elementary school with the same guy, right?

I figure if that's the only nathaniel I know then he was super smart and very kind and musically talented. :)

Misha said...

Ha Ha! I guess I'm the only one who finds diets interesting??? Let me know if you want any brilliant ideas/recipes. Lady, I have a ton!

Jacquelyn said...

I think those are awesome dietary changes- and thanks for the Cabot love!

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