Monday, August 02, 2010

post-party damage control

le sigh.

this weekend we had a beer tasting. it was really fun! there were thirteen of us. we were supposed to have eighteen, but people's plans changed last minute. it was probably a bit of a blessing in disguise, however, because our living room was pretty full as it was. if there had been more people it definitely would've been cozy.

that's all of the beer we polished off. we gave people 37 beers--and everyone drank ~ 1 ounce per type in their little Ikea glass with their beer band around it.

but so, about that damage control. well, let's put it this way: we are blessed with many, many friends. we live in a townhome that has plenty of room for us, and adequate room for small parties. groups larger than 20 require segregation into different areas of the house, which is not ideal for a beer tasting. I suppose we could've had, in essence, two beer tastings (one in our living room, one in the basement) but that would've meant I didn't spend the evening with Matt--and I am SO not up for that. we also have inadequate parking availability and, well, it's just how it worked out. we did not get to invite everyone we would have liked. it's how the cookie crumbled.

we invited people we hadn't seen in a long while. we didn't even do courtesy invitations. I didn't even invite some of our friends who I knew were going to be out of town or unable to come--just because I figured the more people we invited, the more likely someone who wasn't invited would find out about our party and have their feelings hurt.

Matt thought I was being paranoid. Um, no. This morning I have already sent out two "I didn't mean to offend you" emails. I am afraid I'm going to have to have a little chat with the "boo-er" as well. It ain't pretty. And it's a little frustrating because none of this would've been a problem if people had just taken a little closer look at the guest list :)

does this ever happen to anyone? whether inviting over a a friend or two, or a couple, or whatever? because I worry about this kind of stuff EVERY time we have people over. It actually made planning our wedding events a huge pain in the ass because any shower or whatever needed to be held at a place that would accommodate 50 people because I didn't want to hurt any feelings. it was out of control, I tell ya. dad-gum libra tendencies :)

In any case, though, the party was fun. I don't think any permanent damage was done. And we had a very relaxing and productive Saturday in our CLEAN home. We need to tackle our bedroom, the guest room closet, the garage and the basement, but over all our house looks quite put together. and that pleases me greatly! maybe, just maybe, we will share pictures soon. maybe.


Patty said...

Hi Carrie! It stinks that you have to worry about this kind of damage control. I think most mature people (key word being mature) don't get annoyed and feel slighted by not being invited over to someone's house for every single gathering... If I were you I would invite over whoever you want to invite over, when you want to invite them over. Because in the end, it's your life, and you should spend your precious days with the people you want to spend them with. And if the people who got annoyed keep getting annoyed, then maybe they aren't worth the effort anyway. Yes, friendships take effort to maintain - but they should never feel like work or obligation. Anyway - just my two cents since you asked! Hope you and Matt are doing well!! :)

Misha said...

I don't really care when I'm not invited to something. If I do, it's like a very small twinge of jealousy. But I guess if I was a friend of yours and heard about a really cool beer tasting party then sure I'd be jealous I didn't know about it. My friends seem to get somewhat mad sometimes too if they are "excluded". I think it just means that people want to hang out with you and they aren't so much mad as they are just disapointed that they missed out on the fun. Take it as a compliment that so many people want to be at your house.

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