Monday, July 12, 2010

my princess bride moment. or, the life lesson of how things are always better when you know the whole story.

on saturday night, while celebrating the engagement of my fabulous friends taylor and katie, I had a moment of that awesome combined feeling of anger and being ashamed.

you know the one. where someone calls you out on something, or says something that is totally uncalled for but is clearly them judging you, and it makes you feel/look bad? yeah, that.

this time it was one of the "friends" who is a professional photographer. (and clearly, I'm not meaning nicole!) we were on our way to a second bar and she was, quite literally, standing at the entrance to the outdoor patio/alley and yelling "BOOOOO! BOOOOO!"

I was kind of waiting for her to jump into the "rubbish, filth, slime, muck" part. So I walked away and left her booing at me.

oh, and by the by, she was booing at me for two reasons. 1. I did not have my 7D in my purse. 2. I own a point and shoot. And when I said "Um, I own a point and shoot because it's handy and because I don't always want to carry around $3k in camera equipment." She started booing. Oh, and did I mention her nice camera that she'd just used to shoot a wedding wasn't in her purse, either--it was in her car?

yeah. so, we have a history, and her comment was quite upsetting. so as Matt and I are walking down the stairs I'm saying to him "can we stop before we go inside? I just need to complain about this for like 10 seconds and get it out of my system."

and then a crazy thing happened--a girl who was by herself and going up those stairs stopped and said--"me too. so tell me about it. and I'll tell you." so I DID. and she said "well, that's pretty awful of her, but...why do you even care what she thinks?" and I said, "well, it was totally rude and ridiculous, but you have a really good point there." she told me how her recent-ex-boyf was out on the town and flirting with the gals and it was like he was doing it to annoy her 'cause he saw she was there. and I told her that he's an ass and she can do better if that's how he's going to behave.


also, not 15 minutes later, the Boo-er and her husband were sent home, in a cab, because they were both really crazy drunk. turns out she'd been drinking wine at the wedding for like three hours, and then turned to martinis at the bar when she met us.

this all felt a lot less like an attack when it became evident that she was superdrunk.

and reminded me that I need to think a lot more about whose opinion I value. and whose I blow off. it's like how kristin was telling us this weekend about the hateful, horrible things students said to her during her first year of teaching. and how she would go home and cry her eyes out. but how by the end of the year she realized they weren't worth the tears and would just respond by telling them "nice. haven't heard that before." or "can't you come up with something original" or something else to just make it not matter.

anyway. all in all a weird experience.

picture from T&K's engagement soon. There was a surprise party and it was so much fun, awkward life-lesson moment notwithstanding. :)


m-m-m-melissa said...

this post makes me miss our emails. :) glad you got to get it all out, lady!!! xo

katandkarl said...

like this post. i think it happens more than we admit to ourselves (not knowing the whole story).

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