Sunday, June 06, 2010

some day I will post about...

my CSA.
and debbie meyer green bags.
and how I wish I made pies from scratch more often.
about books I've read.
and glass straws I've used (thanks maria)
and an update on the green smoothies I drink every weekday.

additionally, I have a picture of a painting I did for my friend gurdas.
and I want to show you the picture.
and I want to get suggestions of what to paint next.

I have goals of telling you about the rest of our wedding festivities.
and of telling you how awesome freshly picked north carolina strawberries taste.
and of my new love of kale.

but for now, friends, you get a list.
and me saying that I am thankful for:
little itty bitty baby boys
the pieces of paper you roll coins in
my husband's incessant corny jokes
debbie meyer green bags
interference acrylic paints
my tabletop easel
knowing what a filbert brush is
air conditioning (and sunblock!)
swimsuits that still fit
cold draft beer
and ice water.

more soon, I hope.


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