Thursday, May 27, 2010

hey, I want one of those.

er. sometimes...

people keep asking Matt and me if being married is different. or what it's like being married. and I'm-a-gonna let you in on a little secret: it's really not that different. Matt still takes out the trash. I still do all of the grocery shopping and 90% of the cooking. We still sit in the same places on the couch, we're still watching Smallville (but we're almost caught up for REAL!) and we still sometimes get in dumb fights, such as, for instance, a brief spat because he was talking during the end of a show (it was IMPORTANT!) and I started talking and explaining to him that he was talking during the important part, and he got annoyed that *I* was talking, and then we both laughed.

right. you know those kinds.

anyway, so, there are a handful of ways where things are different. see: last post. (ps: thank you for making me feel like it's normal to feel this way, thank you for giving me different perspectives and thank you for showing me I could be more extreme if I wanted--glad to have support AND options!) additionally, we now have joint checking (which always makes me think of the scene in Sweet Home Alabama where they're in his kitchen and he is drinking a beer and it looks like his eyes are going to bug out of his head). and we call each other husband and wife. and we also can talk about babies.

and sometimes, I think "hey, I want one of those. like, NOW."

this week is one of those weeks.

but, thank goodness, Matt and I have a plan. said plan is: go to italy next summer. wait until after that to get pregnant or have a baby. no sense in going there if I can't enjoy the wine or eat half of the food, right?

see? a plan. a solid plan. a GOOD plan. but nonetheless, a plan that does not keep me from sometimes tacking on a "like, NOW" to that whole "wanting one of those" thing.

in the meantime, I will just love on as many of my friend's babies (and toddlers and kiddos) as I can. and this year, if all goes as planned, I will still have many, many opportunities to love on them. there's jude and luke, who I see regularly, and more kiddos I see occasionally, and many little ones on the way. and I am an AUNT now (to two cute little girlies AND there are two more little babies on the way--kind of special that they'll be the first I'll be an aunt to their whole life long!), so that helps! so I hope seeing the tykes and giving them cuddles and kisses will simultaneously serve as birth control for now AND also make me even more excited about our future plans. birth control because it will tide me over, mind you--not in the way that babies have no shame in sharing their bodily fluids with you and cry and all. :)

oh yeah, and ps: our babies are gonna have Fry for a last name. period. end of statement. in addition to this being Matt's sole request (slash deal-breaker) I think it just makes a hell of a lot more sense for us. Especially since (and this is a long story) my last name isn't actually supposed to be my last name, genealogically-speaking. And it's freaking LONG.

Also, the last name Fry will go well with his planned middle names, "Deep," "Stir" and "French." Oh, and "Joseph." :)


Ariel and Chris said...

carrie, you are going to make a FANTASTIC mom! i can't wait to meet the future kids that will be conceived in italy! :-)

Misha said...

WOW. I've been married over 3 years and never once have we really had THE talk about kids. Every time we start we realize it is still far away. I guess I'm a little envious that you guys are ready already. You didn't ask my opinion, but can I just say one thing? Make sure you have enjoyed each other enough as a married couple. I'm glad you are going to Italy and that is a must. But will change so drastically when babies come into the make sure you and Matt get to remember what it was like married as just the two of you. :)

Maria said...

As someone who has one of those, I encourage you to take your time! I'm not saying never have one, but enjoy the time you have together sans kids, and well, if something happens and that plan doesn't work, be joyful about that too. :)

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