Tuesday, June 08, 2010

these pictures are more than a month old.

but I like them.

we went out to celebrate neidy's birthday in may. we went to a bulls game. lots of people saw me on the jumbotron. I hadn't been there for five minutes and already my head was the size of a billboard. :) over the course of the next week like ten people asked me if I went to the Bulls game that saturday...

the little girl in front of us caught a ball. a lady about 100 ft away got smacked in the head by a foul. and then that ball ricocheted off and hit an infant!! it was scary. everyone is okay though. takeaway lesson: very small kiddos need seats under the big net.

next, we went to tobacco road. it was yummy. I forgot it was the same as the one in raleigh. but cooler, 'cause it's in durham! we took lots of silly pictures, drank lots of yummy beer. oh and jennifer and amy saved the day by instructing Taylor NOT TO PULL OUT MY CHAIR FROM UNDER ME. He thought it would've been funny. And it might've been except that that happened to me about three years ago, the dude didn't apologize when I fell on the tile floor and started crying, and it was awful. so, um, yeah. thank goodness!

oh AND Matt and I took a picture in the saaaaaame spot from 3 years ago. this picture was taken like four days early, but still. my, my, how we have changed :)


turner said...

I like how in the same-spot photo, Matt is wearing a hat, but the front is crooked - just like in the old pic - but reversed, as if he's compensating for sitting on the other side of you.

Misha said...

Matt looks the same. You have much bigger boobs. :)

care said...

@turner--that was on purpose. :)

@misha--true. that first picture is a little misleading, but, uh, yep. :)

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