Wednesday, April 28, 2010

we were only waiting for this moment to arrive...

~the beatles

Thursday we woke up, and the fabulous Jennifer came over with some Sonic to help us make our gift bags for the hotel folk. This took quite a bit longer than anticipated, BUT it was worth it! And it meant I got to make use of the stamp I'd had custom-made! (again)

we took them to the front desk and literally had to shoo away the "older" people who were there for some type of a convention. they were like vultures! they were all wondering if the bags were for them, ha!

but, I can't really blame them. I mean, these look pretty darn cute, right?

next up was meet the pastor. which we did. though we got our times mixed and were an HOUR late because I thought we were meeting at 230. oopsie. in my defense, I was precisely on time for what I thought was our 230 appointment! :)

and then...let's's a little fuzzy what happened from like 3 to 6...I think we did some unloading and unpacking and organizing. maybe? and welcoming of some of my favorite people to my favorite place (I heart Tulsa, have I mentioned that?).

and after that there was dinner with the Frys/McCormicks (during which I had to open a "family tradition" gift involving feather, leather and lace. including a RIDING CROP and SPURS. no joke. hilarious and embarrassing, for sure. ha!) it was REALLY good to see everyone!

and and and--it all just kind of worked out. because at one point we were supposed to be in three places simultaneously--a dinner with my Jackson cousins and my Granny, the Fry/McCormick dinner AND at a dinner with our friends who had come into town. But you know what? It all just worked out. We got to spend time with our friends later, and it turned out the Jacksons didn't even get in until 9 so there wasn't a dinner at all. yay!

we returned to the hotel and proceeded to drink beer from our teenytiny fridge* and craft. mary alise was my HERO and made me finish all of the coasters/placecards before I could go to bed. we made little hanging balls with ribbons from the flowers for the garden stakes. we made strands of tissue paper flowers. and we drank lots of beer. and it was FUN!

* about the teenytiny fridge...long story short, there was a place for fridge but no fridge in it. matt's parents had a fridge, but we figured they had elite points or something. but EVERYONE ELSE had a fridge, it seemed, but us. friends. family. etc. so, I went to the front desk, and they said they'd gladly bring one to our room for $40 a day. I said "really? really? I don't mean to be rude, but I'm the BRIDE and we brought all these people here and we are having our brunch here and everybody else gets a stinkin' fridge for free and you want me to PAY? that's not very cool." The night manager immediately said "you hemorrhage money when you get married--bring her one for free."

and they did.

which was nice.

but this fridge was about the size of...of...hmm....well...let's just say it was about as big as a 12 pack of beer bottles. but would only fit 5.5 of them. yeehaw. anyway. that was strike one for the hotel. the others involved ants and the hospitality room they promised me. and their "free internet" in the lobby. the hilton at 81st and lewis in tulsa definitely stuck out!


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