Wednesday, May 05, 2010

live a life extraordinary with me...

~carbon leaf

so, matt and I remembered what happened on thursday after meeting the pastor, before dinner. walmart, got my makeup trial done by the fabulous beth, and ate some mcalisters because we hadn't had lunch. and matt went and got his groomsmen gifts and also bought his wedding shoes.

nothing like waiting until the last minute...

on friday morning I got up and went to brunch with my fabulous ladies. we had a DELICIOUS breakfast with two different kinds of quiche, lots of fruit and cinnamon rolls and coffee and mimosas. mmmmm!

I also gave them their gifts--I thought I took a picture of them, but evidently did not. They all got a vintage apron, a cameo ring, a mini bottle of champagne, an envirosax bag and a vintage hankie, all tied together with a piece of ribbon. I have it on good authority that they loved them! I wish we had taken a picture of us all together with the aprons--Renee suggested it, but everyone wasn't there!

(oh and of course sterling didn't get an apron or a ring--but he DID get a big bottle of makers mark and an envirosax. matt's guys all got steins with their initials on them)

after brunch we made our cupcake stands and headed to get our nails did. and I must say they actually did a REALLY good job. I made it two whole days before chipping a nail. usually it takes about an hour and a half. :)

and then it was to the barn! where the guys were supposed to be, but weren't. they had gone off for alcohol--priorities, priorities. ;) on the way there I got one of the "not holding up my end of the bargain" emails, which was really upsetting. so I was already kind of hot when we got to the barn and found two bossy ladies there, insisting that we had to leave immediately because prom kids were arriving to have their pictures taken.

there was also a mom, grandmother and daughter who were considering having a graduation party at the barn. they were very nice and I answered questions for them--which they said was pretty impressive--I was getting married in 26 hours and I was calm and polite and helpful. ha!

so, the worst part about those stinkin moms is that all we wanted to do is check out how the barn looked and be on our merry way. but we could NOT find the light switch. there were seven of us, all looking, completely unsuccessfully. so we asked the ladies if they knew and they said "we are busy and don't have time to show you. you shouldn't even be here if leslie isn't here. you have to leave, we are having a shoot."

I had to walk away before I bitched them out, and someone, Jennifer, maybe? Went and was like "seriously, we just need to know how to turn off the lights and we'll be gone in five minutes of less." The ladies showed us a room to the side--and within minutes, we were out of there. The ladies were asking us questions about locking up and Leslie coming over to make sure we weren't doing anything we weren't supposed to, where our rehearsal was, etc.

It was VERY frustrating. I wanted to be like "honey, I paid about 15 times more to rent this than you did, and I reserved Friday night two weeks ago because no one had booked it, and Leslie agreed to it. She called me on TUESDAY to see if y'all could come, and to see if you could schedule your shoot around us. So don't give me this hooey."

I really wanted to say that. But I didn't. yeesh.

and this isn't very nice of me to say, BUT I'm gonna say it anyway--so, we sat there watching the prom people arrive--they came in one of those SUV limos. And then the bossy ladies started taking pictures. With point and shoots. Now, I firmly believe you can get really good pictures with a point and shoot if you know how to use it, and I'm not exactly knocking the point and shoot, BUT...for all of the attitude they displayed, and because I know it's $100-something to just be allowed to do a shoot there, to spend hundreds of dollars on dresses and hair and a limo, and then to PAY to get to shoot somewhere and take all the pictures with a pocket camera?

it's kind of like putting super cheap tires on a brand new car.

and it made me laugh.

BUT there's a good part of the story that goes with this...and kind of explains why we wanted to turn on the lights so badly...

so while the gals were off getting nails done and eating delicious brunch on MeMaw's lovely floral china, the guys and Matt's family went to the barn to hang up lights. When Matt and I visited in December there was exactly ONE light in the barn. One single bulb. And it was dark, I'm not gonna lie.

over Christmas Matt and I and literally ALL of the Frys went searching for day-after-Christmas specials on lights. because if the one bulb was it, we were going to need some serious help. We had at least a hundred strands of light ready--not that we planned on using all of them, but just in case some didn't light, or we needed them other places, etc.

turns out...turns out that there were dozens of strands of lights up in the barn. and this really awesome light fixture in the middle (which I saw in february-ish when another bride o' the barn took pictures). so I knew it was going to be a little better--but I had NO idea about all of the fabulous lighting!

so--less lights to put up, yeehaw!

and then--so, I was also having the guys hang up the pennant banners around the barn. so they started with one, and draped it along the nails that were already in the wall (we had staple guns at the ready, too) and in the process of hanging found that it fit exactly from x, to the corner, around to y and up to z. and the next banner went from z to a and b and back to y. or whatever.

but they did so perfectly. as though they were MADE for that space. except, um, they SO weren't. I just took my triangles of fabric, arranged them in a pretty order and put them on ribbon until I ran out of the stack. and one of the pieces of ribbon was like 17 3/4 yards--the end of the spool at Hancock. so it's not like I measured anything.

it makes me happy that it all just WENT there. :)

okay, this is already long, so friday part deux will have to wait for another post...


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