Wednesday, April 28, 2010

there will be tables and chairs, there'll be pony rides and dancing bears, there'll even be a band.

~andrew bird

that's kind of how I felt about our wedding--there will be this and this and that and these and this other neato thing oh AND this. and it made me happy :)

so, this is all the beforehand stuff--once we got to oklahoma, anyway. I got there Tuesday night, Matt arrived Wednesday morning. and then it was go type.

item #1-get marriage license. for $5 and 20 minutes of our time. the lady who helped us was not the brightest crayon in the box, and definitely tested our patience, but in the end, we were official. I might've had a little panic attack when the lady asked me to sign my "name to be known as" (Rich@rdson-Fry? Rich@rdson Fry? still can't decide) anyway.

oh and I had my very own Garden State moment--we are walking into the building and I see this guy in a Sherriff's department uniform, and I thiiiiink it's my brother's friend Billy. I think. But he has this mustache, and he's a freaking COP, and I'm just not so sure. Turns out it was!

How did I find out? Oh, yeah, I just said "Billy!: outloud to no one in particular, just to see if he's respond. Ha!

after that was all over, and we had our license in hand (and a hilarious how-to-stay-married magazine from the state of oklahoma that they would NOT let us give back to them) came

item #2-eat at big al's. gosh I love that place. we got food from there for the bridesfolk on our wedding day, too!

next up, item #3-get some vintage plates and cups. some little, some big. we first went to the animal aid thrift store next to big al's. bought two items and rolled. we decided, on a whim, to go check out the little antique mall just down 15th...and that was AWESOME.

we found all of the little cups we needed, this really cute set of pink hazel atlas crinoline dishes and assorted little plates. Matt talked me out of buying the whole set of the pink dishes--they wouldn't fit in my china cabinet, you see. and I don't need them. And thought $40 for the set was a steal (7 dinner plates, 8 salad, 6 cups and saucers, 6 bowls) I just didn't need it.

So we went to pay and the lady (who remembered to say "best wishes!" to me and "congratulations!" to matt) was ringing us up, and I grabbed one of the dishes and asked what the name of that type of dish was--and long story short, she offered the whole set to us for $20 and Matt pulled out cash on the spot. We used some of them for our wedding cupcake stands (see below) and I kept the rest! Win-win! And, now both my mother and Renee have their very own adorable pink cupcake stand and so do I! (or in Renee's case, cake stand!)

(photo by Nicole!)

after that it was smooooooth sailing as far as getting our errands done. apertures in tulsa printed our pictures. hobby lobby on harvard happened to have two 8x10 mats that were pre-cut, one in yellow, one in green, that happened to perfectly go with the two photos we selected to give to our parents.

(photos by onelove!)

we figured out the alcohol, made arrangements for this, that and the other, and felt like we accomplished a million things :)

and in the late afternoon Rosemary and George arrived, safe and sound, carrying all of our wedding goodies! and everything happened to make it all in one piece! and dinner with our two families went just splendidly!

Later that evening Jennifer went with me to take things out to our florist (i.e. paper flowers, more paper flowers, vintage tins and still more paper flowers) and collected the lanterns she loaned us. Matt went and bought goodies for us to use in the hotel bags.

I have to say, Wednesday went quite well :)


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