Monday, April 26, 2010

my answer to the question "what person, dead or alive, would you like to have dinner with?"

In the buckle o' the Bible belt Oklahoma, my answer to this question would get alarmed looks. Because my answer to this question is NOT "Jesus."

Instead, the answer is as follows:

I'd like to meet Marie Curie. And be able to speak French. (or, I suppose, Polish. but my answer is usually French)

I'd want to tell her how she is an inspiration to me. How she began paving the way for female scientists. And how fantastic that is, especially now. :)'s not quite the same thing, but I DID get to have my picture taken with her yesterday. see?

and I also got a kickin' reaction-to-the-sun rash alllll over from the whopping 20 minutes I spent in direct sun or shade. yeehaw.


Zan said...

My preceptor for the last month had a very old copy of her biography. I think I read the table of contents and fell in love. Plus she played with radioactivity which I think is kind of hot!

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