Tuesday, February 02, 2010

oh yeah, my pantry

on new year's day I went on a little cleaning kick. also known as "I attacked my pantry." this is what it looked like. things falling over, digging though to get what we needed and basically a wreck. we'd just shut the door when people came over and pretend like it didn't exist.

but I had had ENOUGH! soI took out everything, I checked all the expiration dates, I sorted by type (baking, dinner, canned fruits, extra staples, etc) and then put it all back in.

It is WAY more functional now! And I can SEE things and FIND them.




katandkarl said...

oooooh come do mine! ;)

Imperfection Is Perfection said...

Sweet-I love organization!

Lisa said...

i did this to richard's pantry and the rest of his kitchen, working room by room through his house! he might kill me but isn't it awesome:)

{lauryl} said...

wow, you have a huuuuge pantry! i guess i've just gotten used to my "cupboard sized" LA pantry. ;-) but i know the awesome feeling of getting it all organized- hurrah!

Jax said...

OOh love it! It feeeeeels so good doesnt it?! I kinda love getting organized. It's a sickness.. haha.. ;)

Nicole Faby said...

You need to register for a dymo label maker at target! I see that post it!!

gurdas said...

The sense of accomplishment from organizing is sweet!
At the same time, I wonder if you hoard stuff (specially after seeing your car). Do you? Not green, Carrie, not green.

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