Wednesday, January 06, 2010


hi there. it's taken me six days to say "happy new year!" to the blogiverse. and I think I'm okay with that.

but now? now it's time for resolutions. last year I said:

1. read more. (eh...not so much.)
2. continue grad school. and apply to get a real actual graduate degree. (I took classes, but no application. which might be a nice blessing in disguise.)
3. get to work earlier. just a little, but earlier. (I was doing great at this...and then I started working like a crazy person, followed by editing like a crazy person and doing school work like a crazy person. crazy people don't sleep much. therefore, no early bird getting the worm.)
4. get organized at home. for realz. (giant step forward here, if I do say so myself.)
5. stop buying crap I don't need just 'cause I like it. (again, improving...)
6. scrapbook our road trip to oklahoma and back. (did.not.happen. did one page.)
7. get more states. I want to have less than 20 left by the end of next year. (SUCCESS!)
8. in the summer, grow more food that I can eat. along with this, I want to specifically grow tomatoes and basil (yet again) and I have a goal of making my own mozzarella ( at home, then making a pizza using tomatoes and basil I grew myself. I might get extra adventurous and make my own cheddar too (I use white cheddar on my pizza) (no cheesage BUT I grew a lot more and joined a CSA-- yippee for me!)
9. keep on keepin' on with my photography. things have gone CRAZY in the last year--getting published, selling many a print, working with I have to take a good hard look at what I want to be doing, but what an amazing, encouraging year. I already have one and possibly two weddings booked, and a session this weekend with a friend from VA. I must say, I need to toot my own horn, yes? :) (I think I might need more horns! My worked was praised in the KD magazine, I got positive feedback from professional photographers, I got to do portrait & wedding work in three states and, most importantly, it seems that my clients love me! I have a fun photography surprise coming up soon, too! With my 6 weddings last year and already 6 booked for 2010, I am SO blessed!)

so, 2k10...deserves 10, yes?

1. get married to the fabulous matt. be as green as is reasonable/practical.
2. figure out about grad school. apply. let life decide for me. (post to explain coming soon!)
3. try to live based on the church calendar. (a suggestion from our pastor. I already waited to take down my decor until tonight because Christmas technically ended yesterday. We are now in the season of Epiphany)
4. always go to goodsearch before google.
5. craft/paint more. actually, no, I mean "be creative when you aren't getting paid to be creative" more. blog more. craft more. sew more. create more. just typing this out makes me yearn for a nearby hobby lobby!
6. be more active. e.g., attend the free yoga class on monday nights that is held two floors below me in my building on a regular basis. go for walks with matt. go to rockclimbing again. etc.
7. be a better assistant girl scout troop leader.
8. improve my financial situation. 2009 was a year of spending $$$ on weddings and many photography investments. I need to fully recover from it.
9. go on more dates with Matt. we spend a lot of time together, but only go on "just us" dates occasionally.
10. keep on keepin' on with the green. e.g.--after our wedding, take the "no shampoo" challenge for 2 weeks (and keep going if my hair behaves). there are more ideas cookin' in this head-o-mine, but that's it for today.


Maria said...

It might take more than two weeks for your hair to adjust to no-poo. ;-)

Goals are fun. I like them. :)

Imperfection Is Perfection said...

Wow...I have lessened my shampooing too! Haven't weaned off completely but I did start out serious and had a mix of baking soda and vinegar to help me make it through. :)

Imperfection Is Perfection said...

Free yoga? Lucky! I will have to look into goodsearch.

gurdas said...

I think I just decided who is going to be the official photographer when I tie the knot (whenever that is). The photographer would not mind travelling overseas, right?

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