Thursday, January 07, 2010

loverly wedding details

so, things are starting to come together for our wedding! since Christmas, Matt and I have gotten a LOT of our wedding stuff. a LOT.

and these little beauties are part of that! a lot of these are etsy finds, though all of the solid ones I found at salvation army or antique malls. the most special of all, though, is the pink and gray and mulberry one on the lower left. that one is a gift from matt's mother to me--it is the tablecloth she and her family used when they were growing up! it makes me feel very, very special and honored to have it! and it is SO TOTALLY FABULOUS!

a handful of these I will keep (and obviously one of them is the one from rosemary!) but the rest I will give away or sell--so if you see one you love, let me know, and perhaps later this summer we can make a deal :)

another picture of pretty things--more potential decor for our wedding! though, I have NO idea what to do with the bottlecaps--I just think they look awesome and go with our theme! but those flowers are made of wrapping paper from our shower, and that's a leftover champagne bottle with christmas lights inside! some or all of these will be gracing our wedding--and I can't wait to see it all together!

I'm also quite pleased because with the exception of the lights, I made all of these with things that I either had already or were on their way to being recycled! We got a lot of bottles from the NYE celebration (9 I think!) and we got the lights suuuuuper cheap on the 26th! (70 cents a piece on clearance at big lots!)

yaaay for inexpensive decor!

other accomplishments:
-we're making headway on the silverware (about 42% of the way done!)
-we've figured out about accommodations
-we've finished most of our wedding website
-and we got some favors done! 16 of them just need labels and we cleaned out about 70 bottles, too!

by the way? in like two hours from when I'm posting this? our wedding will be less than one hundred days away! eeks!


Imperfection Is Perfection said...

The jar of bottlecaps is super cool. And the tablecloth photos are lovely! Looks like things are coming along quite nicely!!

joyfully gray said...

first, your blog looks lovely!

second, those table clothes are absolutely amazing! how beautiful they will be.

did you consider saving them in case someone in your family ever has a special event? i saved all of our "G" table runners and my sister-in-law used them at her wedding, which made it really special. not saying you should not do what you want to do ... but what if you have a daughter someday? (am i over-stepping my bounds?)

anyway - beautiful idea!~

joyfully gray said...

or you could use them at a later anniversary par-tay!

way overstepping now...

katandkarl said...

yeowwwwie those are gorgeous!

care said...

thanks ladies!

and sarah, definitely not overstepping! wonderful suggestions! I will certainly have to consider that--and if nothing else just not limit myself as much in light of your brills suggestion :)

gurdas said...

I am tempted to break-in and steal that jar of bottle caps ...

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