Friday, January 08, 2010

the kind of thing that makes my day

so, before I get to that, a little preface.

for my birthday party like, oh, going on three months ago, my dear friends jennifer and nicole had people donate canned food to give to local charities. that was my present. and alllllll the food we collected really, really warmed my heart.

during this goings-on we also celebrated our engagement and I got three big bottles and two little bottles of champagne! I have some very fabulous, generous and lovely friends. that night I also bought my friend his first drink--here's gurdas with his first ever margarita! it was a margarita per his request! and of course, my amazing KDs. we took this after some people had left, so if you aren't in this, so sorry! I was too busy having fun to insist on pictures! :)

and that make-a-difference sign Lara made? yep, still on my fridge!

then, another wonderful friend of mine (not sure if he wants to be named) donated to a charity on my behalf as my birthday present! carrie=overjoyed!

and then yesterday I came home to find a letter from the raleigh rescue mission saying that yet ANOTHER one of my friends (a couple, really) had donated in my honor!

folks, I can't tell you how special this is to me. it is SO important to me that I do whatever I can to help others. I am so grateful that I have friends who would honor me with that kind of donation--especially one that serves the unfortunate right here in North Carolina, right where we live. The people on the street in this cold, cold (but not as cold as Tulsa!) weather. You are fantastic, incredible, inspiring, day-making people. Thank you for all that you do, from the bottom of my heart.


gurdas said...

It will be fun telling my grand children that my very first drink was courtesy my very fave Okie. I can see their eyes sparkling with interest ... thank you!

Imperfection Is Perfection said...

what great friends you have!

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