Thursday, November 05, 2009

taking a mini-hiatus...

oh, no, not from blogging (although it may seem like that's just what I've been doing, ha!)

but seriously, I think I'm going to take a mini-hiatus from wedding plans. until, like, two weeks from now.

I mean, I have been engaged for, let's see...24 days. and we already have

-a date
-a theme (which, by the way, is BEER!)
-a color scheme
-a location (ps the barn was NOT $750, I wish! prices have raised, but still reasonable-ish! especially since we can bring in our own alcohol)
-our drink plans (ps we'll be serving all Marshall! And, um, maybe Boulevard because I love it so much. and probably wine. NO liquor)
-a florist --they do flowers too. they did this wedding--Jan is Syd's mom!
-a photographer
-someone to marry us
-a plan for the save-the-dates (which matt has graciously agreed to take over)
-ideas for centerpieces
-all of the clothing concepts (but of course not the actual clothing!)
-many resources for items: paper lanterns, candles, ribbon
-and I think I'm going ask Harvo to play his bass at the ceremony, so that might take care of music!

soooooo...I think I'm going to take a break. Between wedding planning, photography, work and school I've been pulling some laaaaaate nights. so it's time for a siesta!


katandkarl said...

BEEEEEEEEEEEER is the best theme EVA! it's gonna be real cute.

Nicole Faby said...

Good for you lady :)

m-m-m-melissa said...

break time fa sho. get some extra zzzz's. :)

ncmunchkin said...

It's great to take time to just enjoy being engaged! Though, we're WAY too similar!

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