Tuesday, November 03, 2009


this was one of those weekends where very little went as planned and that ended up being kind of fantastic. :)

friday night: supposed to be a night in with Matt. Instead we went to The Mill and hung out with Taylor, Adam, Kristin, Katie and Jenny. We stayed out quite a bit later than we had planned, got stuck in traffic and got home very late, but had a wonderful time.

and, and, and--after talking with the gals that night Matt and I made a huge decision--we booked the BARN! It is going to be GORGEOUS, the proceeds go to charity and I am really excited. Now cross your fingers for not-rainy weather!!

saturday: my 930 am session got canceled due to weather, and I got to go back to sleep :)
my 1130 engagement session happened though, and so did my 100 newborn session. I REALLY enjoyed them both!

after that I took a quick nap, Matt and I made our costumes and we made our way to dinner. we went to brio and celebrated our engagement with two of Matt's best friends and their awesome significant others. The food was SO good, and I'd been looking forward to going there after hearing Lara rave about it. :) And it did not disappoint!!

see: aren't we adorable?

next was getting ready for The Faby's costume party. For Matt and me, this took approximately one minute, total. and that included folding our clothes. Not to brag or anything, but though I felt a little lame at first as everyone was getting into their elaborate getups, about ten minutes later we were feeling pretty proud of ourselves...we were in clothes with pockets, had full use of both our hands, could use the bathroom without any additional costume-induced effort AND we were comfortable!

so, here are our costumes. can you tell what we are? two hints: remember I like things that are punny, and yes, we are quarters, but no, the name of the costume doesn't end there. and if you already know, don't tell, let someone else guess! :)

ps: look in the upper right of those photos--yep, that's a picture I took and Katie bought from me :)

the faby's party was FUN. not that that's surprising--their parties are always crazy and a blast! I only took a handful of pictures on my camera! We stayed WAY LATE again, which led to this: yes, that's Matt pouring liquor into a decorative skull (sorry, Nicole!) And Bam-Bam (aka Cam) getting ready to drink from it. The boys decided between the four of them they'd polish off this--and then the skull got involved, so I went upstairs to hang with Nicole instead of be a witness to their craziness, ha!

and sunday I had church, then two more rained out sessions, and instead got to have lunch with the same people from Friday night, took a nap and worked on homework and work-work.

the end. :)


{lauryl} said...

yay! i love the barn! isn't it the best? my little sister was going to get married there... until her connections at TU ended up offering sharp chapel to her for free, and she'll also have the first ever wedding reception in the courtyard outside of sharp. i'm still a little teary that it won't be at the barn, though. ;-(

brooke knight said...

wow! the barn looks beautiful and that is a really good rental rate! i am sure it will be gorgeous!

Jax said...

YAY!! Love the barn! I'm sad I didnt go out there... But I am GLAD you made an awesome decision. And I would still love to help you from Tulsa with whatevs you need, girly!!!

Nicole Faby said...

LOL. Thanks for coming out to the party! I wondered why Dave put the skull in the sink! Congrats again on the Barn decision!

Jennifer said...

The Barn looks fantastic! I cannot wait for all of the fun!

Misha said...

I got it...

you guys are your other's better half!!! or something like that.

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