Wednesday, August 12, 2009

wbw--more from high school

um, my reunion is this weekend. I'm supposed to be helping with the slideshow. I meant to start doing this earlier. I might go buy a scanner tonight. I'm using Matt's old one, and after going to the nice Epson site and finding (and installing) the driver online, I scan a photo like so:

-hit the "scan to web" button [the process is the same with the scan to email or copy button as well]
-say "open in picasa!"
-say "cancel" the scan thingie that pops up (it scans the whole flat bed, not jsut the area of interest)
-go to the menu bar in the import tool and say "twain 5"
-wait while it scans
-tell it where to save the pic (and I have to tell it the new folder each time, it doesn't go there by default the next time)
-close the import tool
-load a new photo.

begin at top.

can't do more than one at a time. I need, oh, sixty more scanned in order to create an animoto video. and I'm going to need to scan things for class I bet. so perhaps I should just go shell out. it's a shame to HAVE a scanner that FUNCTIONS but still not be able to use it in anything resembling an efficient manner.

but anyhoo.

two pics:

1. this is me and SJG. this must be when we're seniors because I'm pretty sure we were not speaking all of our sophomore and most of our junior year. god, that was when we got banned for life from using the dictionary in Dudley's AP European History class. We once had an argument [during class while we were supposed to be working] about what the word "oppression" meant, the nuances between the definition implied in our book and in the two dictionaries, and I think there might've been something about whether or not European women were oppressed--it is oppression if it is your culture? who are we to say.

I'm pretty sure we were both on the same side. I'm pretty sure our teacher was trying his best not to laugh hysterically as his two juniors waxed philosophical on oppression in the 1700s or whatever. And I'm pretty sure it's making me giggle now, too.

2. this is me, randi, amber and whitney. this is at the after-graduation party. while attending this shindig I was hypnotized and sang amy grant songs in front of my entire class. yep. I'm pretty sure I haven't seen Amber or Whitney since that day. Well, maybe Amber once or twice that summer. But not Whitney. And then we all went to different places--Randi went OSU and is now a mom of 2 and living in texas, Amber got married and has had 4 kids (or is it 5? I can't recall, I hear from Melissa so I forget!) and is living in Utah, and Whitney has had 4 and is a preacher's wife. And here I am all liberal and stuff. My, my. It is crazy crazy how people change with time!

I'm excited about leavin' on friday for t-town! I hope it gets here quickly!


Nicole Faby said...

my parents gave me one its only maybe 2 years old? I have never used it though but you are welcome to try it!

Nicole Faby said...

call kinko too.. you might be able to pay to have someone put on a disc for you!

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure that picture is junior year, sometime around Twain Plus Twain.

And we only didn't talk for most of sophomore year. Junior year, we were aces! :)

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