Friday, May 08, 2009

"why would you lie about how much coal you have?
why would you lie about something dumb like that?
why would you lie about anything at all?"

~vampire weekend

The song is called oxford comma. And as you may know, I kind of detest the oxford comma. If you didn't know, now you do!

So, yesterday wasn't a very good day. I was grumpy. People were bad drivers. And I got water in my purse and sat at a cursed table. I felt MUCH better after I laughed so hard I cried, though.

And my fortune was something about finding the silly in the serious and how that would get me far. I like.

yesterday I was actually in such a bad mood that when I went home before dinner I had a summer shandy (they're baaaaack!) and took photos of my flowers with my new camera because I knew it would cheer me up. it did.

I took pictures o' the beer which matt had so kindly purchased for me, and then I noticed the light on my curtains. these puppies are from france. my granny had them just hanging in her house and gave them to me when we were on our roadtrip. they aren't what I originally had in mind, but I LOVE them.

and then I went outside and took pictures of the pretty pretty flowers. and I liked it. see?

tomorrow: mini photo shoots. six of 'em. at duke gardens. they assured me that graduation won't interfere with parking there. I hope they are right.

and sunday I have two shoots.

and then I am taking a little photography break. don't get me wrong, this is AMAZING, but I need some Carrie time.

and today I thought of this bear. it make me happy. it's still at my granny's, but I love the picture. I miss my grandparents, and I am looking forward to seeing my granny in July.

aaaand...time to work for another half an hour and then I'm leaving to go to the fabric store near crabtree. anybody wanna go with? :)

tonight I catch up on grey's and private practice. stupid DVR didn't record it. THANKFULLY, the internets are magical, and can bring them to my laptop. and since I have a Carrie laptop and a work laptop, I can watch and edit at the SAME time!


m-m-m-melissa said...


i use the oxford comma. yes, yes i do. and i feel no shame. :)

ncmunchkin said...

I particularly love the positioning of that bear with the book behind it. Sounds like you need a little you time. Enjoy it! Maybe the pollen will at least give you some sniffle free you time.

brooke said...

I LOVE THE OXFORD COMMA! But to each their own....

sasspot said...

yay for mood lifters... good beer, pretty flowers, grannies and such.

M. said...

I have to brag that I've toured the Leinie brewery. It was as awesome as you think it might be.

care said...

well as long as y'all don't expect ME to use it? we're good.

and m? I am totally jealous. next time take me with you, k?

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