Tuesday, May 12, 2009

yeah, hey, about that blogging thing.

oh right. I'm supposed to type on this. like, regularly. oopsie.

I had a busy weekend, alright? six mini shoots and one hour shoot, and OMG they were aaaaaaah-maaaaaa-zzzzing. Such awesome, fun, enthusiastic people, love it. AND a repeat customer. AND someone who said at the end that they really liked working with me and could I please just tell them how much it would cost for me to do the rest of their photos while their little one grows up because they will just pay it.

and I booked a big family shoot. (20 people, three or four generations not sure)
and a wedding.

and yeah.

Also, I am sorry I have been talking about photography a lot. I kind of feel like a mommy blogger. Except about photos. :) [no offense mommy bloggers. or kat.] It's kind of my baby though, and I have put a lot of effort into it. I had one of those moments of clarity yesterday where I KNEW I was doing the right things, and that's helpful.

I mean, you expect me to talk about being green too, right? Well I'm working on that post, and it will be up shortly. Additionally, I've got some other ideas cooking, and I'll let you know when I have 'em for sure. EXCITING.

okay, time for lunch. and then I shall go to the doctor for my spider bite. rock. you should be so lucky.

oh AND speaking of lucky? on saturday I got hives ALL OVER MY STOMACH. little baby, blotchy, red, random, raised spots. stupid hives. from the sun. I've never gotten them somewhere the sun didn't even TOUCH before. this does not bode well. and yes, I wore sunblock. and yes, I got a little burned. and no, I'm not going to stop taking photos because of it, I'll figure it out. :)

greenness soon. now time to quell the hunger.


m-m-m-melissa said...

dude, no worries about the photography and the green green. we read it because we're interested, yes? so obviously you're doing something right. :)

p.s. that S-U-C-K-S sucks about your sun rash. man, it must not be easy to be so sensitive. the upshot is, when everyone else is looking their age at 60, you'll be looking decades younger. :)

katandkarl said...


we just write what we are passionate about!

Katie said...

ooh, i have a spider bite too. it seems to be going away though. hope yours does too. and i had my first summer shandy of the season too--yum!

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