Monday, May 04, 2009

why do elephants paint their toenails red?

that is one of my favorite jokes EVER. If you don't know it I'd be happy to tell it to you.

this weekend was a good one. a smidge less busy but a LOT more tiring, for sure.

friday night amy, jennifer and I met at a hole-in-the-wall bar in durham to do some twelve ounce curls and enjoy each other's company. and oh yeah, I was supposed to play sand volleyball. I waited as long as I possibly could to change clothes, and kindasorta was a terrible sport and flat out refused to practice until we knew if we were actually having a game or not. I've been burned by this league enough, my friends were there, I had a cut on my toe and quite frankly I didn't want to get dirty!

and, just as I expected, the other team did not show, and we didn't end up playing. so I put back on my jeans and non-sports-bra and hung out with jennifer and amy some more. :)

saturday AM was a trip to the durham farmers market and a work day at church--we're starting a community garden! and I was soooooo excited that the farmers market still had ranunculuses. I've never seen ones like this--they look like they belong in a bridal bouquet! they had some GLORIOUS poppies, but I was afraid they would wilt in the car. :( but the ranunculuses were even better! here they are outside...

and here they are captured with my lensbaby. can you see how the background is all little hearts? cool, huh? (ps, the funky blur is part of the lensbaby charm, just fyi!)

then I came home and got ready for yet another wedding, and it was TOO cool. outside and nary a peep about "God," which was different, but I had fun with my coworkers that I knew and my coworkers that I met for the first time--both of the people who got married work where I work, but the groom is in a different department. we got to talk shop about photography too, and I made TWO good connections!

AND today I booked another wedding. :)

yesterday I also did two photoshoots and I had dinner with the lovely megan, came home to watch dollhouse with matt who was just back from a bachelor party, and then CRASHED. well, read a little bit of my new book, and THEN crashed. the book is good so far, by the way. sometimes I'm disappointed when they don't mention things that I think "go" (eg, when talking about organic food and its benefits I thought they should have mentioned that the best thing of all, by far, is LOCAL organic food) but it seems they'll talk about that later. yay!

okay, back to work.


m-m-m-melissa said...

purdy purdy flowers! i love that second shot. :)

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