Tuesday, May 05, 2009

listen up, nose.

this is NOT okay. you are designed for breathing. my mouth is not. I'm sorry you're feeling "congested" and I'm inhaling irritants all day, but cut the whining, this is your JOB. you have hairs specially designed just to get the icky stuff out.

and y'all don't EVEN want to know what happened after I stood up from blow-drying my hair upside down. ew.

about 530 yesterday my allergies started kicking in full force. in a previous life I kind of rolled my eyes when people said they had an allergy "attack." allergies don't attack you. you have 'em or you don't. you experience symptoms or you don't.

uh, yeah. about that. they can attack you. one minute you're peachy keen, and the next you're wishing to goodness you could find a more appropriate word to describe how your head feels than "swollen." or "stuffed."

sakes alive.

and this morning? I got to work and someone said "do you have allergies?" I said yes, how could she tell. She kindly said "um, your eyes are kinda red?" Yeah people, she wasn't just talking about the whites of my eyes. Underneath my eyes are red. And swollen. From allergies.

rocktastic. just rocktastic.


m-m-m-melissa said...

BOOOO. feel better. :(

Suzanne said...

I'd just like to say for the past week I've been experiencing seasonal allergy symptoms for the first time ever in life. Never again will I roll my eyes when people say they are "suffering" from allergies. Clearly they are evil, hope you feel better soon!

sasspot said...

enough! your poor nose. i hope to hear happier tweets soon. feel better! love the new website, by the way.

Gurdas said...

Stumper! you sound terrible. Get well soon friend for I hate to pull jokes on sick people.
Reading your post reminded me of mucocilliary something something ...

care said...

@sasspot, thanks! and yeah, my poor nose. I'm treating it to nice kleenex and aquaphor.

@gurdas compared to the jokes you pull, maybe it's not that bad. ;) and I cannot tell you how badly I wanted to talk about the mucocilliary lining of the nose. no idea.

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