Friday, May 29, 2009

sterling, turner and karen rock my socks.

last week I got THREE awesome pieces of mail from three very different people living in three very different places. they make me smile. both the items AND the people. :)

getting mail is on my top ten list of awesome things in life (strawberries, laughing, punny jokes, being green, flowers and sunshine: also on that list. et al.)

first up: this amazing shirt.
turner bought it for me when I was having a rough go of it a few weeks ago. and I LOVE it. I have yet to get to wear it (I get to wear relatively casual clothes to work so I don't change when I get home) but I WILL be wearing it this weekend. :) It's nerdy and I heart it.

next: a gift from across the pond.
I LOVE ALICE IN WONDERLAND. ahem. Like you didn't already know. So the fact that Karen saw this and thought of me? LOVE it. I am so excited! I have decided that I'm actually going to *use* this (I have been known to hoard paper and stationery and all things that write or you write on...).

thirdly: from the gift fairy.
the gift fairy in california. who I still owe a bday present (I have it I just keep not managing to SEND it) I am going to have to find somewhere fun to put those stickers. and I already know where two of the buttons will go. perhaps the third will grace my bulletin board in my office. :)

thank you, oh fabulous ones. I am a lucky, lucky girl to have friends like you! AND I think that juuuuuust maybe I will get to see ALL THREE of you during the month of july. possibly. potentially. maybe. :)


ncmunchkin said...

Yay! I'm glad you got it! I've had that paper sitting on my desk since I went home in April...just couldn't ever make it to the post office to mail it.

Unfortunately I won't be home again until after I'm finished. I can't afford the flight this summer so we changed my project a bit so that I can do it all from over here. I'll let you know when I'm back.

Oh...I'm looking at a job at RTI. Sounds a lot like what my RTI people did on my EPA projects. Do you know who is actually hiring over there?

{lauryl} said...

yay for presents!

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