Friday, May 29, 2009

alternate spellings.

more fun:

YAY for bonus time at clinique! this bag is CUTE. and I love the stuff in it, too. I went to buy eyeliner (mine from them is LOW. like, it is one of the dual pencils and in order to sharpen one side I have to take the lid off the other and hold the pencil end) and ended up getting some eyeshadow too. And a cute bag! they actually let me pick my own (they are all similar but different)

new mascara, new lotion, yay! and I LOVE the blush! I mean, I blush naturally, like, all the time, but I love to wear it too.

annoyance however: so, one of the eye pencils I got was brown sugar, and the other is called chocolate lustre. and the woman kept calling it "lus-trey." except it's like theatre and theater. they are pronounced the SAME, right? (different southern proununciation modifications notwithstanding). luster. lustre. grr.

this weekend is gonna be photo-tastic. we're heading to the mountains for another wedding--but this time we're the photographers. :) the lodge is BEAUTIFUL, there's a waterfall and great scenery. and the bride is a redhead. I. Can't. Wait. !!! Matt is going to be my fabulous assistant, and I think he's secretly looking forward to it. He's kind of awesome, you know.

and then on Sunday we're going to do a HUGE family shoot. there are 20 people, and then there are six different groupings after that. it's a 50th anniversary present for the parents, and it is going to be fun! And, this shoot will be taking place the exact geographical center of the state of North Carolina. As a matter of fact, I'm going to give a prize to the first person who can tell me where the heck that is. :)


melissa said...

"Chatham Co., 10 mi. NW of Sanford." i will admit, i googled it, so if you have to count me out for that, i understand. :)

care said...

I'd let you have it, but that's not quite right... :)

brooke knight said...

i love it when people who sell things can't pronounce them!

m-m-m-melissa said...

i LOVE free gift time at clinique. i usually give away half the stuff, but the bags are always so cute!

my daddy is a straight-up redneck, and so for my entire life i have dealt with mispronunications. por ejemple: he says "prostrate" when he means "prostate" and pronounces the plural of desk as "dests." :)

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