Wednesday, May 06, 2009

now taking suggestions...

so. saw this a few days ago. I get these suggestions, y'see, from cool people care. (I think I need one of their shirts, by the by) and this one kind of struck a cord with me.

this year I have been really, really blessed. my photography business is booming. and my tax return was much, much more than I anticipated. for that I am quite fortunate. I have some debt I've paid off and I put some in savings, and I definitely still have more debt to pay off (hello house? car? dental bills?) but I also feel like I need to do something to help others with a bit of it. I am SO thankful, and I wanna share a little love.

so. I don't think I'm giving 10% because, well, because of a lot of things, including that I've already given some away, but I want to give $100. and I'm not sure to whom. I really like the heifer foundation. And I know about oxfam, and the people who make those filter straw thingies that make water okay to drink for people who live in third world countries.

But I've given to heifer. And I've given to oxfam. And to the Komen foundation. To Prevent Child Abuse America. To the March of Dimes and all sorts of places. And I want to find something new.

so, suggestions? where do you support, or wish people would support?

thanks, ladies and gents.


turner said...

Muscular Dystrophy Association (Jerry's Kids).

I was exposed to that through KA and have met a few children affected by it over the years. It absolutely brings me to tears to see what that disease/condition does to people, especially children who want to run and play like normal kids.

I buy $100-worth of Shamrocks at the grocery store every year for it.

Nicole Faby said...

I am a Chi O I gotta go with make a wish. I have been a wish granter in the past and there is nothing more moving then being involved in that moment when a child recieves their wish. And they have a local chapter!

ncmunchkin said...

Wine to Water. He's an NCSU alum. Raises money for clean water for developing countries through wine tastings...think Jesus turning water to wine in reverse. And then he goes to Africa to help the communities and build the systems for water. :-) But then again, that's just like oxfam and the straw folks.

Leanne said...

Koinonia Farms. Totally up your alley. Sustainable farming, dumpster diving, open, loving, community. Awesome. Wherever you donate, be sure to tell us about it!

Gurdas said...

I support "NEEV", an organisation working at the grassroots in India. Founded and run by Anurag Jain, a childhood friend of mine, I admire the work they do in empowering people through education and livelihoods. Your $100 is most welcome should you choose them!
They have a website for the handmade soap division,

care said...

all good suggestions, keep 'em comin'

gurdas said...

And here is the NEEV website about livelihood, education, and hygiene work with the urban poor.

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