Friday, May 15, 2009

i woke up crying in my sleep last night

I had a dream last night that Matt and I were going on a trip. We were in a foreign country somewhere, and I think maybe it was a flight connection. For some reason we were up a counter, and the people told me "you can only have on carry-on."

I had my backpack and my camera bag.

I told them I'd put the camera bag in Matt's duffel bag, and as I went to clear room they took my camera off of the counter and set it where I could not reach it.

and refused to give it back to me.

and by then, Matt wasn't there anymore. I'm not sure where he went, but wherever it was he couldn't get back to me. (when I told him about this, he said he must've been taken by security, or he wouldn't've left me like that!)

So, I asked for my camera bag.
I begged.
I pleaded.
I tried to sneak around the side and grab it.
I never yelled though.

And I wanted to go get a security guard, but knew that if I did, by the time I came back my camera would be long gone.

As the time of my flight approached, I got more and more agitated. I couldn't afford to buy another ticket if I missed it. But I was taking my camera to do a job, so I couldn't show up without one. I asked if I could take my camera bag instead of my backpack. No. Could I please have it? No. Why not? No. You have no right to hold it, I've done nothing wrong. No.

It was out of control. And I was so upset. Missing my flight, my camera sitting right there but too far for me to reach, and strange men taking perverse delight in torturing me by taking it away.

I was NOT happy.

and when I woke up, I realized where I was and that everything was okay, but I also realized I was crying. like, a LOT.

it was so, so bizarre.

and vivid.

I think I prefer not dreaming to dreams like this. Oh and? In my bad dreams I am ALWAYS taking a trip. Always. Always.



Renee said...

before i got to the end of your post i thought, "carrie has a lot of dreams that are about travel."

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