Friday, May 15, 2009

"[gree-ee-ee-eee-een, green green green green]"

hi. this is me talking about green stuff. whew!

so, I kind of want to apply to be a part of The Green Effect. It's a partnership between Sunchips (who are coming up with a compostable bag to be used in 2010!) and National Geographic. It's a contest for 20k to help green your community.

but if I could green my community, what would I do? recycling bins in all city parks? promote graywater usages for irrigation on public lands? change city lights to being solar powered? provide 20k worth of baggus to people who promise to use that bag instead of getting them at the grocery store? Outlaw putting batteries in watches on the shelves?

It's gotta be something attention getting. And Raleighwood appropriate. Suggestions welcome. And you should apply too!

Also, Aveda is doing something awesome! They did a test run last year, but now they're doing it all the time-recycling plastic bottle caps! They will be repurposed into Aveda packaging, and kept out of the landfill (if you didn't know, they cannot be recycled in conventional recycling facilities as they usually contain more than one type of plastic). TOO COOL.

That plus Origins taking their cosmetic containers? And Payless releasing an eco-friendly line? AMAZING! High fives all around. :)

Support these businesses, bring your own bag and go visit your farmer's market, k? And then give yourself a pat on the back from yours truly. :D


m-m-m-melissa said...

i like all of the ideas you have, but i think that the best one is the recycling bins. people are more apt to recycle if it's easier for them, you know? silly, but true. anyhow, good luck, and keep us posted! :)

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