Tuesday, April 21, 2009

eh2ed #23

get out of that rut!

do you find yourself always leaving your reusable bags in the car?
or always bringing home yogurt in individual containers instead of a larger one (or making your own!)?
or always wanting to replace the perfectly good car/clothes/dishware/wall art/shoes/whatever you already own?

do you find yourself thinking "I'll do [insert eco-friendly action here] next time...next time." for the umpteenth time?

I mean, nobody is perfect. Not you. Not me. Not Al Gore either, I'm sure. But make the decision to STOP. Maybe you start little--you turn off lights you don't need. Or you exercise your right to "if it's yellow let it mellow." Or maybe you decide you'll go for a run in your neighborhood once a week instead of driving to the gym. So many options. SO many. Just pick one. Do it. Start a habit. Get out of your rut. All it takes is baby steps, folks, and you.can.do.it. TRUST me. :)


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