Wednesday, April 22, 2009

wbw--a doozie

I had trouble deciding, okay? So you get LOTS of way back pictures. :)

first up: in May 2001 I went to the USAFA's Ring Dance with one of my oldest friends, David. It was FANCY. SO fancy. I borrowed the dress and the purse, the shoes were mine. I felt like a modern day Audrey Hepburn with my 'do--I rarely like my hair when I have it done, and I LOVED it this time. The dance was awesome. As was the dinner. There was a saber arch and I remember not being allowed to touch the food--I had to tell one of the guys what I wanted and they would put it on my plate for me. At least, if that's not what was "official" then it sure seemed like they were getting to it faster than I could!

That time in my life was DRAMA-O-RAMA. I had just broken up with Derrick (in the most amusing way possible, for sure) and I was sortakindabutnotreally seeing Justin, and I was going to this fancy schmance dance, and I had a crush on an upperclassman in my lab. (who I later found out had a crush on me.) and also, one day ALL FOUR of them were wanting my time at basically the same moment. my ex boyf came in one door of the lab, my future boyf came in the other, my friend was waiting outside to pick me up for lunch and my crush and I were talking in the lab already. it was bizarre. anyway. another story for another day. or perhaps not at all.

So, the dance. Flew there. Stayed in a hotel, saw the academy, went to the dance. We boogied. A lot. I will never forget the people in fancyfancy clothes dancing to "I like Big Butts." I mean getting DOWN. After my feet hurt A LOT and I slept in the car on the way to where a bunch of us were staying, we went on an awesome hike through somewhere I can't remember. David made lasagna, we all drank wine and he kept finishing my beer for me. Which infuriated me at the time, but later he reminded me I was used to drinking Oklahoma beer. :)

It was FUN. And there was a rainbow! And anyway, pictures:

Next up, my twinkie. God love her. Here's from when we looked so much more alike. Our personalities are evident though! These are our senior pictures, and one that was likely from Thanksgiving or Christmas? Or a birthday? I can't tell. But it's cute. And that there pitcher was a gift from my Granny. It was owned by my Great Aunt Cleona Carrie. I am her namesake, and I will be naming a little girl Cleona after her. :)

And this is the first time I made a pumpkin pie from scratch all by myself. In the TU apartments. Man I LOATHED my roommate by the time we were done living together, but I really appreciated it that she took this picture--she insisted. :)

And this is in Detroit. How many engineers does it take to open up a bottle of wine?!? We didn't have a corkscrew. We ended up using a pocketknife, a pen and a hanger. We got it open, but it wasn't pretty!

And last? That's me and Keith Diekelman. I'm pretty sure this was on like a Saturday afternoon! I was definitely completely sober. Name that frat house, TU folks. First one wins a prize.


m-m-m-melissa said...

that is a LOT of wbw. nicely done. um, shitskies... you and your sister looked a LOT alike. a LOT. okay, now i've capitalized "lot" three times. that was my goal.

good pics, dude. nicely done.

m-m-m-melissa said...

and now i've said "nicely done" three times. i win.

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