Monday, April 20, 2009

eh2ed #23


spring is in the air. if you're in NC, you can actually SEE the pollen. so people are downing all of those anti-snot-medicines, right? I realize that quite a bit of the time they're pretty unavoidable--if you NEED a decongestant you NEED a decongestant, yes?

however, know what's more eco-friendly? using something that isn't a drug, that is natural, and that won't pollute the groundwater or our land after passing through your system.

now, I'm no medical professional, but there are some tried and true methods to deal with seasonal allergies that don't involve pills (which involve manufacturing and chemicals and shipping and the like)

for instance:
-feeling stuffed up? drink some peppermint tea. or if your throat is sore? try some "throat coat" rather than the sugary cough drops.
-is your nose feeling like someone stuffed some cotton all inside your head? try using a neti-pot to relieve some of the congestion. (make sure it's one that is appropriate to use when you're congested though!) believe you me--sudafed is helpful and all, but long term something like a neti-pot or other irrigation is soooooooo much more helpful. It isn't a quick fix, it's an actual solution.
-and there are even some positive-pressure neti-pot type contraptions (example, here) that use good old salt to wash out your sinuses before the issues even start. what's that saying about an ounce of prevention, hmm? oh yeah, it's worth a pound of cure.
-drink water! being hydrated is a HUGE part of making sure your sinuses function properly.

I'm not saying don't take allergy medicine--I mean, I have to take Zyrtec most days, honestly--but when things get rougher that that, I opt to try the more natural and homeopathic and eco-friendly options first. they're better for my body and better for the environment. win, win!


greg said...

Another thing to do (that turns out to be delicious) would be to hunt down local honey. If it's local enough and recent enough, then it should help with the allergies by telling your body it doesn't have to react to the pollen.

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