Tuesday, March 03, 2009

happier things

I got some rocktastic mail last week. Totally made my day(s).

Item #1: (late-but-I-won't-hold-it-against-you-even-a-little) birthday present from guess who...

If you haven't heard yet I loveloveLOVE Alice in Wonderland. It's my favorite book. I have a rockin' halloween costume that I'll be sporting again when my hair is longer. It is fantastic. I have an amazing Alice in Wonderland Pop-Up book. My mom wishes she named me Alice. LOVE it. Love these. LOVE.

and my mom is going to be SO jealous.

and if you didn't guess already, it's my fellow lover-of-all-things-alice, Sterling.

Item #2: a little something-something from Maria. I think it's from when I won her pay it forward or something, is that correct? So now I need to do that? Maria, clear that up please and I'll do my part. But I had actually been eyeing THIS VERY BAG on baggu.com, and I realized I needed more produce bags because mine are constantly in use...and then look what comes to my doorstep, hmmm? YAY! and thank you again!

I also made TWO of my favorite dinners this weekend. One is called Botanas. I told you about it before--Patty brought it to me and then was gracious enough to share the recipe. mmmmmmm. easy. delicious. quick. mmmm.

AND I got to make Chicken with Paprika Sauce. I used canned tomatoes and added some garlic powder and a pinch of cayenne to give it a little kick, but MAN did it hit the spot. I am excited about eating the leftovers tomorrow!

and and and-post number 2 for the greeny blog to which I contribute went up today, see? I'm really enjoying writing for them, so please check it out!

And I got to see my friend Kelly on Friday night. Y'know, the guy from the airplane to Portland. Never, ever thought I'd see him again. Now? Think I just might. It was really fun to hang out with him, and he and Matt got along well.

Also, I took pictures for Audrey and Corrie and their little ones on Saturday morning. We had FUN. I am so excited about editing more of them, I can't even tell you. It was chilly and rainy but everything worked out and we got some GREAT shots!


m-m-m-melissa said...

alice in wonderland is one of my top five favs. and that is not just disney exclusive. :)

In the Meantime said...

just so you know: i guessed it was from sterling :)
happy late birthday!

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