Monday, March 02, 2009

I have only been to florida like three times EVER

and now I might double that in less than a month.

yesterday I found out that my Aunt Mary Ann passed away. Her youngest daughter Kelly found her--in her home, on her couch, peacefully deceased. Her youngest daughter who is only a year younger than I am. In addition to the shock, since this was totally unexpected, and in addition to the experience Kelly had to have had, matters are even worse since a) in a situation like this they have to treat it like a crime scene, and b) they aren't really sure what her wishes are. It's just sad on so many levels, not the least of which is that my loud, tell-it-like-it-is, fantastic Aunt Mary Ann is no more.

I am sad, but I don't think it's really hit me. I hope to go to the funeral, or if I can't make it for that, at least go to Miami for the weekend to help my cousins with whatever they need. (and, if you're someone mentally thinking about my family tree, technically they are all my more-than-first cousins, a few lines over and some spaces across--but I saw them as much or more than some of my first cousins and real aunts.)

And, my family members just dealt with another death not so long ago, too. My mom's cousin Steve, just a month ago. Apparently I met him when I was like 3 months old, but I never saw him again. I've heard lots of stories though, like about how the "Keep 'Em Separated" song was appropriate for him and my Aunt Gayla--the two of them weren't allowed to sit next to each other at the table or they'd fight or get into trouble or cause a ruckus.

Anyhoo. It's all very sad, but I am okay. If you're the thought-thinking type, please think of my cousins and my granny and my mother and aunt gayla, because I know they need it more than I do.

fortunately the other two times are more pleasant--one is for the wedding of my fantastic KD sister Del in Orlando, and the other is for a trip with Matt's family in Ft Lauderdale.

But yeah. Doubling my trips to Florida in less than a month. Gracious.

Happier post later, I swear. This day has been kind of a downer, sorry.


Jax said...

Aw... I'm sorry. :( No bueno.

Jax said...

It made me post that before I was ready. Arg. Anyway, your family...and you..are all in my thoughts. I'm very sorry. I hope you're able to make it for the funeral.

brooke said...

dude! carrie! so sorry to hear that such a lovely lady has moved on, and in such a tough way. thoughts to your family.

m-m-m-melissa said...

i am the thought-thinking type, and you got it, sister.

Misha said...

This is totally un-related but I'm hoping it will cheer you up. Today is national square root day. Because it is 3/3/09 get it? When I heard that I totally thought of you. This lady in the gym heard it the same time I did and she said "oh I bet all the math nerds go crazy about that" I giggled and thought to myself about how only you and I totally appreciate MOLE DAY.

M. said...

I'm so sorry for your loss!

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