Wednesday, February 11, 2009

february is a winter month.

so, I know all the people in raleighwood are thrilled about this unseasonably warm weather. I mean, the sun is shining! It is warm enough for shorts, or at least flip flops. I am not wearing a heavy puffer coat! Hooray!

Except, um, yesterday we were one degree away from matching the previous record high. And that's never good (records either way aren't good, but at least if it were cold it wouldn't be an unseasonable one). And that word explains the problem. unseasonable. out-of-season. we aren't SUPPOSED to have weather this warm in february.

It says all sorts of alarming and worrisome things to me. I can't be happy for the warmth and the spring-like day in midwinter. All it makes me do is think of things like climate change. and global warming. and trees migrating (yes, they can migrate). and plant's life cycles. and it's freaking me out.

moving on.

so, whoever told me that participating in a CSA was super expensive was TOTALLY telling me lies. Dude, it isn't. I found one that is $12 a week for a couple AND she emails out every week and I get to pick what I want. Could it GET any better? Seriously. Signing up and mailing it out tomorrow--I've already printed out the forms, I just have to get an envelope!

Also, I've decided I'm having a little eco-conundrum. I am going to get that iphone, right? My current cell phone is three years old and I bought it used, so that's good. But cell phones are HUGE sources of waste. HUGE. And I don't exactly need it. I want it. It will be very useful, but kind of makes my skin crawl to think of the wastefulness. I mean, I'm totally going to get it. My budget told me it starts to be okay as of tomorrow, but...well...yeah. Gotta find a way to offset. Because all of the water and metal and plastic and scraps and transportation from the production of the iphone...I don't even want to think about it. Le sigh.


M. said...

My carrier is offering a free upgrade right now, and it's killing me. Right now when people see my current phone, they say "Oh. That's your phone?" But it works just peachy keen and I don't want any fancy features. But the peer pressure and free offer is making me want a new one. Must overcome!

But in your case, how about a donation to the Arbor Day Foundation to plant some trees? And I don't know if they have this in your area, but here it is easy to find a way to donate your old phone to a women's shelter. They re-program it to call only 911 and give it to women when they leave the shelter. Doesn't offset your purchase, but certainly creates some good karma.

m-m-m-melissa said...

dude, i feel you on the weather. i mean, i'm all about the sunshine and i sort of die in the winter like the little flower that i am (ha ha), but temperatures like this scare me, too.

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