Monday, February 16, 2009

i think i need an algorithm.

or, alternatively, an al gore rhythm, yes? which is apparently an actual thing, either mocking his mannerisms (is it just me or did he get a lot more animated and human-like after he was robbed of his office decided to focus on the environment?) or something about his campaign's success graphed out or something about an actual dance move or something about a youtube video showing his green accomplishments. uh-huh, right. I just like the clever name. 'specially 'cause it's nerdy AND punny. my very favorite kind.

moving on...

back to my algorithm...I think I need one. for dresses. I am least eight weddings where I'll need to wear a dress (i.e. not one I'm photographing) and with those there are at least...five more times I'll need to wear dresses for rehearsal dinners. also, of these groups there are three weddings that should have essentially no overlap--no four--del, betsy, leanne and sydney. it's a small small world if there is. and then four of them will, but I should only be attending one of their rehearsal dinners. and anyway...I told matt yesterday that I will probably need some complex equation to figure out what to wear when and in front of whom.

don't get me wrong I don't care THAT much...but I also am going to get damn tired of my awesome green dress if I wear it to all of them. :) it's already seen a rehearsal dinner, two weddings and gone to a wedding with jennifer...

right. these are the things that go through my head when I *should* be thinking of, oh, my air testing homework and facility lists, ha!

ooooh AND--any of y'all live in the dallas area? I'll put this info on my photography blog and website, but I can think of quite a few of y'all who read this...and well, when I go in town for Leanne's wedding in July, on Friday, July 3rd I'll be doing some mini-photo shoots. Keep an eye out on the blog for details. I already have two of them taken and it's only been official since yesterday! woohoo!


m-m-m-melissa said...

this sounds like a PERFECT excuse to go buy a couple of new dresses. WITH NO GUILT. :)

M. said...

I'm in a similar spot. I have three weddings this year, but that means three weddings, three rehearsal dinners, three bachelorette parties... That means a lot of cute outfits. Fortunately I am a sucker for cocktail dresses and have found some great ones at thrift stores. Good luck!

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